Saturday, January 7, 2017


Last Friday Brice didn't have to work, so we spent little bit of time at Granny and Poppy's helping to clean up a little bit of Christmas mess, and riding on the new motorbike.  And then Daddy got out the big four wheeler and took the little kids around on that.  Little Leesie wasn't sure she liked it at first, but once they started moving she changed her mind.  And Olivia and Cameron love the four wheeler and did not want to get off.  And Jace loves his motorbike.  Their motorbike.  Our motorbike.  Or whatever.

And now if the snow melts and it gets above freezing and it stops raining maybe we can ride the motorbike again some time.  But I'm betting that it will probably remain motionless for the next few months.  Wet and yucky winter is in full swing.

Today we spent the day in Evansville buying new shoes (for me and Brice.  Because sometimes you just have to spend money on yourself.  None for the kids.  Except for we did get a pair for Olivia to grow into.  Because they are really nice shoes, but they are mismatched sizes.  One size is half a size bigger than the other.  But you can hardly tell.  And they were only ten dollars.  And that's  how we roll.  They may fit her next year.  And maybe they'll fit one foot sooner than the other) and touring the new hospice house where Granny will be working, and eating at Red Lobster.  And at Red Lobster Olivia nearly threw up when Granny told her that Granny was eating lobster (which she wasn't, she was just joking).  The kids were looking at the lobsters in the tank while we waited to be seated, and they looked really disgusting to Liv, and the thought that someone would eat them was just almost too much for her. 

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The Sandall's said...

What a fun little motorbike!!! Sounds like you have a vegan on your hands..... Vegan Libby!