Thursday, June 30, 2016

My baby and me

I handed the camera over to Emily and she got these shots of my girlie and me that I love.  I'm not in nearly enough pictures with my kids.  But I hope they always know that I'm on the other end of the camera, trying to capture their memories so they'll know they had a fun childhood.  And a loved childhood.  And that they are pretty much my world.  

In the middle

I had vision of sitting Annalise on the blanket and then all the bigger kids blowing bubbles all around her.  She would be in a beautiful cascade of bubbles.

It didn't quite turn out that way.  BUT, I think I love these pictures even more.  Because she is surrounded by all the other kids that she loves.  She loves being right in the middle, and you can totally just tell that right on her cute little face. 

Look how happy and content she looks in the picture below.  So happy.  With her cousins and her brothers and sister.  I love it.  (Except on second glance, her sister is missing. . . where is her sister?  Probably whining right next to me)

Also I love Keanzie's hair in these pictures.  You can tell it had been a WILD day.

Also here's what it looks like when brother doesn't listen to mom and blows bubbles right into your face.  Even when mom is screaming at him to stop.  Brother is a turd.

Oh this girl.  She is just the best.  And she has been sick these last few days.  Another really high fever.  But with no reason that can be spotted.  So it's just a virus, I guess.  My poor baby.  I hope she feels all the way better soon.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Swing Away

Little Miss Liv loved the swing mostly only if she was on it by herself.  She's kind of a bit of chicken and didn't like the big kids pushing her.  She allowed me to push her.  And Kimi.  And she also only wanted to ride with Kimi.  And her baby doll, apparently.

Monday, June 27, 2016

The bounce house

On Monday, which was Jace's actual birthday, Granny rented a huge inflatable for the kids (and adults) to enjoy.  They loved it!  And the guy who came to set it up also added water.  Now, there were big signs all over the bounce house, for safety stuff.  And one of the signs specifically said NOT to add water.  So I'm not really sure how legit this business was that rented them to us.  But hey, the kids loved it and they loved the water.  Also we were only supposed to have it for one day, but it ended up being there for THREE days.  So that was pretty sweet.  We're pretty sure the guys who left it there were probably high on drugs so they didn't actually know how long they left it there, because when they finally did come to pick it up, some kind of drug pipe fell out of one of the guys pockets.  Yikes.

Anyway, the kids loved the bounce house and it was perfect for them to play on, and then get back in the pool, and then play on again. 

And over and over and over again.  For three days.

Then the little girls, who only kind of liked the bounce house, went walking by and as I tried to snap some pictures of them, Liv turned around and told me "Leave my girl alone."  

She kind of had a hard time remembering who was Kimi and who was Keanzie.  So she just called them "Girl."

And then Granny came home from work and she was the best sport ever, and went through the bounce house.  The kids all thought it was great.

And Cameron only kind of thought it was amusing as Granny lay there in an exhausted heap at the bottom of the slide.  :)