Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Princess Play-doh

She got some Princess Play-doh from Summer and Spencer and she LOVES it.  First of all, she has watched the princess play-doh videos on youtube kids for a long time.  I don't think she ever thought it was actually possible that she could HAVE it for her very own.  I've been trying not to really give her naps during the day, if I can handle it.  When I do giver her naps it takes her a really long time to settle down and go to sleep at night.  And I like (need) her to be in bed fairly early so I can finish up homework with the boys.  Namely the annoying reading bag that Cameron has to do every night.  

 Sometimes it proves to be difficult to not give her a nap, though, because Annalise is sleeping and if Liv were sleeping then I could sleep. . . I mean I could catch up on housework.  Right.  Anyway I let her play with play-doh the other day and she played with it for almost an hour and a half by herself.  I played with her kind of.  But mostly I just sat at the table with her and occasionally offered up a princess voice whilst watching the Office on my phone.  Also her hair is looking so much darker.  It will probably be completely brown in less than two years.  That's my prediction. 

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