Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The boys love swimming!  And on Memorial Day they had a blast doing it.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Nothing like some fun underwear wrestling!

And I just like these two pictures.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Here are some random pictures from over the past week or so.  Starting off with this one of these two angelic little boys.  Well they were were angelic for like the fraction of a second it took to take this.  And then. . .

Jace did what he always does when I start to take pictures.

One thing that Jace and I have had a battle over every day it seems for the last two weeks is these balls.

For Christmas the boys got a little ball bouncy thing and then hundreds of these little balls.  And they love playing with them.  They just don't like picking them up.  So every day Jace will dump them out and then when it comes time for him to pick them up, it takes him like an hour to actually do it.  And he always has to make it into some kind of game.

Finally I put the balls somewhere where they would be "out of sight out of mind" for awhile.

I don't know why it took me so long to think of just doing that. 

When we go outside the first thing the boys want to do it turn on the water hose.  Sometimes I say no, but sometimes I say yes.  And then taking off wet clothes and wiping off grassy feet is usually worth the fun they have.

Andy always has to get in on the water hose action.  How would like that wet tongue licking you?  Cameron loves it.  

Disgusting, I know.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Today was so so beautiful outside.  Not humid, not too hot, not windy.  It was the perfect day for being outside.  So outside we went.  And also I've decided that it's so much better to leave all morning because then when you come home the house is still CLEAN from the night before instead of trashed.

Jace is not a huge fan of any bug, even this butterfly.  He said the butterfly was not a butterfly because it was, "Ugly and gross."  

And since I'm not an avid nature fan, I agreed with him.  Especially after seeing its long tongue slurping up food.  It wouldn't leave either.  I even flicked it, but it was too busy eating to even care.

Jace led the way on our walking "adventure".

And then we stopped and I told Jace to hug Camers.  This picture makes me laugh because that goofy look on Jace's face just represents him so perfectly.  

And poor little Camers almost got a face full of pavement from this hug, but luckily I grabbed his shirt just in time.  

And this is the look Jace gave me when I said, "Can't you just hug normal?" 

I don't think so, Mom.  

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Today I thought it was Wednesday all day long.  So after the boys were in bed I got all ready to watch American Idol.  I got my popcorn and my chocolate chips (a great combination) and started flipping through our recordings (I strategically started it a half hour after it started so I could fastfoward commercials) and then I couldn't find it.  So I started freaking out thinking the tv messed up and didn't record it and I frantically flipped it to live tv to see if it was on.  Then when it wasn't on, I thought, "Why not?  Where is it? Did it switch to a different day?  What is wrong with the universe?"  

And then I realized it was Tuesday.

And then I felt really good about myself and realized what a super cool person I am for freaking out about American Idol.

I was glad Brice wasn't home to witness that all taking place.  

So since my night was cleared of all plans to be ready for Idol. . . I have some time to play around with pictures and put some up.

We had some water balloons in our tub tonight.  And while Camers was busy trying to eat one, Jace thought it would be fun for a surprise attack.

He, of course, thought it was hilarious.

I encouraged Cameron to retaliate and dump water back on Jace.  I didn't realize he wouldn't be good at it so he gave himself a face full of water instead.

So then Jace showed him how to do it.

And then he got the hang of it.  Yay Camers!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cam the Spam (Brice loves his nicknames) 

He is also known around our house as:  Camers, Camerdoodle, Camikooski, Camerammer, and occasionally Cameron.

He repeats anything and everything you tell him.  And sometimes if he doesn't quite understand what you're saying (or maybe just because he knows it's annoying) he repeats, "Huh? Huh? Huh?" no matter how many times you tell him something.  Usually I have to tell him, "Camers, just say 'oh'."

I took a video of him hopping because it is the cutest thing.  But I tried uploading it and after thirty minutes still no luck so I said forget it.  But he kind of skips around and says, "Hoppy, hoppy, hoppy!" It's very cute.

He is very into singing and loves to sing Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam, and Happy Birthday.  And also he has been singing that song Marry You by Bruno Mars that is also on one of the Glee cds.  Jace is a huge fan of that song as well and sometimes I will hear a duet of them that goes like this:

Jace: Don't say--Camers, it's your turn
Cameron:  No, no no no no no no no no no!
Jace:  Okay, that's enough!  Just say--
Cameron:  Ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya
Jace:  Okay stop!  Stop!  My turn!  And we'll-
Cameron:  Go go go go go go go go go go go!

If you don't know that song, then you probably were just lost right there.  Sorry.  

He is just a happy little guy.  Who may or may not have asthma.  Hopefully it is just "virus induced wheezing" as his pediatrician is hoping.  However, the asthma specialist says more likely asthma.  But we can keep hoping I guess.  And finally we are on some preventative medicine as if it is asthma so I'm relieved about that.  Hopefully that will help when the "virus induced wheezing" returns.

He also really really loves the old guys in the family.  Don't get me wrong, he loves his Grandma, and Granny, and Gi-gi, but. . . he will choose his Paka over Grandma and his Poppy over his Granny and his Papa over his Gi-gi. (And also I don't know how he keeps all those names straight, but he does)

I love these pictures of him and Papa. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Jace the Space (that's what Brice calls him)

He has been cracking me up with some of the stuff he's been saying lately.  Well, cracking me up and also making me cringe.  Brice and I (and since Brice is not the one writing this, I will say mostly Brice.  Though anyone who knows me will know that's not true)-- anyway, Brice really needs to watch his language around Jace the Space.  To keep this rated G I will tell that lately Jace has been saying, "Oh that sucks!"  To which I promptly respond, "That's not a nice word.  I don't want you saying that."  To which he responds, "Daddy says it."  And then I say, "Well sometimes grown ups need reminders to only say nice words. So can you help me Daddy with that?"

He has this magnifying glass that he got in an Easter basket that he has been carrying around every where with him to find "bugs".  Yesterday in the van he yelled with excitement, "I found a bug!  I need to examine it!"  Then when I asked him what kind of bug it was and where it was, he said, "Well.  It's on my arm.  And it's a squished kind of bug."

He is not quite as fearless as Cameron.  At the park I heard him yelling for help and found him hugging this pole with all his might.  One more step and he would have been home free, but no amount of coaxing would make him take that extra step.  

A few days ago he was building mountains out of some of his toys.  He yelled for me to come see the mountains and when I got to the living room I saw he had hidden them under a blanket.  "Can you see them?" he asked.  I crouched down and picked up the blanket to look, much to his dismay.  After he cried, "NOooooo!" I said, "Oh I'm sorry I thought you wanted me to look at them."

He looked at me quizzically for a second and then asked, "What's in your ear?  Do you have fuzz in your ear?"

"No," I said (immediately brushing my ears off thinking maybe there was bug in them)

"Well what's in there?  Oh, it's your hair. Your hair is covering your ears.  That's why you couldn't hear me telling you not to look."

After he and Cameron were instructed to clean up their toys from the living room, I peeked in to see my hard workers and saw Jace sitting in the middle of the floor by the basket they were supposed to be putting their toys in.  He was very patiently ordering Cameron to walk around the room and pick up all the toys.  After Cameron picked up a toy and dropped it in the basket, Jace said, "Very good job, little buddy.  Now go get that truck!"  Then he turned and saw me watching and declared, "We are working hard in here, Mommy!"

I think that would have made Brice proud.

And lately this is the only thing I get when I ask him to smile.