Thursday, October 9, 2008

Some random pictures

Learning to roll over is quite an accomplishment. However it does interfere with nap time just a bit. I put Jace down for a nap and thought he was sound asleep. . . but then I heard some noise coming from his room. I went in to find the above picture. That does not look like napping to me. In the picture below you can see that although he cannot crawl, he can still squirm his away around. His bed (blankets on the floor. The crib wasn't set up yet and I was busy doing stuff in my room. I thought the blankets on the floor would be a good idea.) was supposed to be right in the middle of that yellow blanket. I don't know how he got where he is. But he sure is proud of himself.
Granny, thanks for the ladybug toy thing. He's doesn't quite know what to do with it but he likes sitting in it.

Remember the blah toy from one of the first blogs? If you don't rememer, you might need to look at that one again. He wasn't such a fan of his "blah dinosaur". But now he loves it. (And no, I didn't just put it in his hand for the picture. He really fell asleep like that)

The Trip to Texas

Hutto, Texas, home of the Hippos. Does that picture look like, "Seve, make sure you just get him and the hippo"??? Not so much.
And does this picture look like, "Seve, take another one just to make sure you get all of the hippo"???? Perhaps Seve should not consider a career in photography.