Monday, May 16, 2011

 A sad thing happened today.  Jace found a permanent marker.    I suppose the blame is all on me because I left it in his room months ago after writing on a box for out-grown baby clothes.  I put it on his dresser.  It has been sitting there for months and I had completely forgotten about it.  Until today.  When I came in to check on Jace during nap time and saw this.

And this.

And this.

He also colored all over a couple of quilts that were on his bed.  One from Grandma and one from Granny.  That's what made me the most sad.  But we live and learn I guess.  I'm hiding all the permanent markers on top of the fridge from now on.

And on a curlier note is Cameron's hair.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

 Here is a rare family picture of us.  I don't know why but they are sometimes hard to come by.  But we got a shot of us at the branch Easter egg hunt.  And below we got a picture of Jace "showing his teeth".  When you tell him to "smile" he just says, "Smiiile,"  in lame and bored voice.  But he doesn't actually smile.  So that time I tried saying, "Show your teeth," and got a picture of him doing just that.

Here's are some things Jace has been up to:

1) He has been eating a lot of candy.  He got a lot of candy at the Easter egg hunt and then some candy from the Easter bunny (okay not really.  The Easter bunny took his candy from the egg hunt and reused that), and candy from his granny, and his great aunts.  So all I have been hearing for the past two weeks is, "Can I have some candy?" "Where's my basket?" "I want a treat."  "Just let me hold the basket." "But can I just have one more?" "I went potty so how about a treat?"  "Just one!"  "Please?"  "Pleeeeeease?"  "I said please!"

2)  He ate a robin's egg.  We were out in the yard and I was just heading his way to steer him away from the fence (where Andy sometimes does his business) and I got there just in time to hear him say, "Mommy, what's this?" and then bite into a nice looking blue egg.  It cracked and as yolk shot out, I slapped it out of his hand in extreme distress.  Then after we washed his hands and rinsed his mouth we examined the broken shell and it was a really pretty blue egg.  I understand why it was tempting, especially in light of all the candy eggs he's been eating lately.  I'm just glad there wasn't a half grown baby bird in there.  That would have been a little more traumatizing for me. 

3) He has been driving me CRAZY because of all the rain and us being cooped up inside alllll the time.  Yesterday he was supposed to be playing with his trains but really he was throwing them all around the living room.  I think he was trying to aim them at Cameron.  So finally I said, "I guess we should just get rid of your trains then if you don't want to play with them.  In fact, why don't we box them up and ship them to Bowman.  I'm sure he would love them."  I expected this to make Jace a little sad since he definitely doesn't like sharing his trains when Bowman is actually here.  But instead, he looked at me quizzically for a minute.  Then a huge smile spread across his face and he said, "Yeah.  Okay.  That's a great idea.  Let's get a box."

The above two pics are Camers with prett pretty hair, courtesy of Aunt Emily.  He only tolerated them for a little while.  Here some things Camers has been up to:

1) He is finally on the move!!  He can't really crawl normally yet but he does what I call the "push-up crawl".  Basically he does a push-up and then lunges forward onto his belly.  Then he does it again.  It looks pretty exhausting to me but it gets him where he wants to go.  And now instead of just crawling after food he goes for toys, too.  Yay!

2) He has learned to go from his belly to a sitting position.  I discovered this yesterday when I went in to check on him during nap time and found him sitting up, proud as can be.  However, this has put a damper on his easy napping.  At this current moment he is sitting up in his bed even though I've gone in there at least seven times and laid him back down. 

3)  He likes to jabber a lot more and loves to play with balls.  He even tries to throw/roll them back to you when you roll them to him.  And he loooooves to eat anything and everything. 

This is what I discovered one morning when I came out of drying my hair in the bathroom.  At first I was horrified because it was the day we were going to get pictures done with Bowman and McKeanzie and even magic marker is hard to get off.  But luckily it was a dry erase marker and came off easily.   
The photo shoot with the four little ones was definitely entertaining.  Emily took the pics with her camera which was probably better than trying to get them done in a studio because you can imagine what is was like getting two three year olds and two babies to cooperate.  But Emily got a few good shots of them, including some of just Jace and Cameron.

McKeanzie showing off her bling.  I'm sure Cameron thought it was something yummy to eat.  And below is a pic of Jace and Bowman embracing their break of freedom from the posing. 

And because of the rain and me going crazy the boys have had a lot of baths.  Both of them in one place, enjoying themselves, and not making a huge mess for me to clean up.  It's what we do when I'm at a loss and am about to lose my mind.  It's either a bath or I have contemplated bringing in Jace's carseat and strapping him in it.  Would that make me a bad parent?