Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Potty time

As I mentioned in my last post, Annalise is basically potty trained.  And she basically did it herself, too.  So recently I have started putting her on the potty to pee before her bath, and have noticed that she stays dry for a looooong time.  So one night as I was putting her in her pajamas I noticed she was still dry, so I made her pee before bed.  Which she did with no problem.  And then I noticed we were on like the last of the diapers.  So I thought, it really doesn't make sense to buy a whole other package of diapers when it's pretty obvious this girl is ready to be potty trained.  She can't stand being wet, she tries to put her own diaper on. . . come on, Mom.  Get it together. 

So I bit the bullet and started the task.  She has done really well!  She even woke up dry this morning.  So maybe we're out of the woods, and this girl is pretty much potty trained.  Of course there will be accidents, but still. . . why does my Leesie girl want to grow up so fast?  She weened herself from her bottle, she transitioned to a big girl bed with flying colors, she gave up the passi pretty easy, and now this.  I mean I'm glad. . . but my baby is getting SO big. 

Also these are just the rated G pics of her trying to put her diaper on.  I have some super cute bum shot pictures, but those can't go on here.  They'll just be special for my blog book :)

November maybe?

I can't remember when I took these pictures.  I think it was in November.  But maybe it was in December.  Anyway, it was randomly warm day and the kids were outside playing.  Except for Jace who was at swimming.  They were riding bikes and playing basketball and jumping in gross water.   As kids do. 

I was pushing Annalise and then I stopped to take some pictures and she got mad and threw her little train.  Because, take that, train.  Oh she is such a little fit thrower.  A fit thrower who has pooped on the potty two days in a row, and hasn't peed in a pull up, diaper, or underwear in four days.  Wowzers. 

Then Olivia started jumping on the basketball goal thing, which was missing the little stopper for the place where the water is (you know, to keep it heavy and from tipping over) and as she jumped the gross water from inside splashed up on her face.  I told her to stop.  She didn't.  So I took some pictures and then yelled at her to stop again.  And she reluctantly listened.   After I threatened to make her go inside if she did it again, of course.

And of course, here's a nice classy shot of Cameron grabbing himself.  Lovely. 

With Santa

With Grandma and Paka

Oh we had such a wonderful visit with Grandma and Paka!  We love when they come so much, and the kids are always sad when they leave.  Livvy was especially sad this time, and she shed a few tears when we came home from church and they were gone.  Sniff sniff.  But we'll just have to count down until we see them again, and facetime then as often as we can.  We love you Grandma and Paka!!  And I'm so glad I took the time to get a picture of each of the kids with them individually.  I hope they'll cherish pictures like this!  And I even got in one, too.  On the super awesome looking bunkbed, haha!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Christmas Session (kind of)

One day while Grandma and Paka were here I had some photo sessions, and Paka and the kids came with me to hike around while I did them.  Then when we were waiting for one to show up, I took some pictures of them.  Looking super cute of course.  Or sticking their tongues out like Cameron.  But whatever.  

Then of course during the group shots they were just so silly.  I didn't have a single expectation that they would actually all smile, so I was okay with the silliness.  I kind of even like it more, I think.  Little goofballs.

And then when they were still waiting, Paka played a game of kick ball.  With rocks.  Or something like that.  I made sure to stand really far away when I was taking the pictures, so as knock to get knocked in the head with a rock.  Also, note how high Cameron's kick is.  Haha!