Friday, October 13, 2017

Some fall break

Look at those cute little piggies getting on and off the trampoline like such a big girl!  Oh my sweet little Leesie.

So it's been fall break this last week.  We're just finishing it up.  And I'm glad to be finishing it up, let me just tell ya that.  The weather has not really cooperated and we had one nice day, and it was today.  So today was decent.  And we did to stuff.  We went to the movies one day, we went to McDonalds and played with friends one day. . . we went to the  YMCA three times (so I could leave the kids in the day care and work out) and the kids got to go to a movie with Granny and Poppy and stay up really late one night.

So it wasn't totally boring and lame.  But there was A LOT of fighting and whining and crying.  But I guess that's to be expected.  I had been hoping for a fall break withe very day spent outside enjoying nice fall weather. . . but not so much.  Oh well!  One of the days we went outside even though it was cloudy and dreary and wet.  The girls got a new little playhouse that we bought from a neighbor and they love that.  And the boys ran from the camera.  Or picked their nose when I pointed the camera in their direction.  Of course. 

Leesie loves these little sandals and she loves putting them on.  She wears them all the time.  She wants to wear them to do bed and we usually have a fit when I don't let her. 

Liv's hair is getting really long again.  And she was very happy that on this day I did not "fix" her hair and she got to wear it down and flowing and free.  She doesn't get to do that too often because then her hair gets into tangly balls of knots and is so hard to brush out.  She had it in braids the night before so it was nice and wavy and pretty. 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Farm Friday night.

Hot dogs, smores, dirt, and thankfully some decent temperature last Friday night.  Hooray!

The pumpkin patch

And they're off to find a pumpkin!  Last week the kids had their annual school night at the pumpkin patch.  So we went, as we usually do.  And it was fun and pleasant and we actually had a pretty good time together.  Funny how these good times together in public are happening more and more frequently as the kids get older.  I'll take it :)

My little Leesie looks so big here in this picture. Sniff sniff.

Also what is happening here?  I'm not sure.  I'm not ever sure with these two.  It's more along the line of, I don't think I even want to know.  They basically ran around on their own (but together) after we got our pumpkins and ate dinner.  So that's why there are no pictures of them, aside from this crazy one here of them doing something they weren't supposed to be doing.  Like rough housing while going down the slide.  

Right now it is currently fall break.  But it feels like summer still, and its like 99% humidity outside and is completely DISGUSTING.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Princess Liv

Liv was all dressed up the other day while Annalise was napping, so I made her take some pictures.  Her faces kill me.  That one below, haha!  She loves dressing up.  And putting on make up.  After she got all dolled up she settled in on Daddy's chair with a blanket and pillow and relaxed in style.  But she did not fall asleep.  Nap are few and far between for this girl these days.  But sometimes she so needs one.  Like today.  I think I may make her take a nap today.