Monday, November 28, 2016

Almost December

It's almost December.  Just a few more days and the Christmas season will totally really really really be here.  Although it's kind of here at our house already, because we put our Christmas tree up on Friday after Thanksgiving.

So here are some updates:  The weather is finally changing and it seems to be officially winter weather.  Rainy and cold and when the sun does shine it's still a bit chilly out.  These pics were taken when it was still warm.

I've gotten most of our Christmas shopping done, totally through Amazon.  I love Amazon.

I've been running more consistently than I have since probably Jace was born, and because of that one of my toenails has turned black and will now probably fall off.  I'm still a looooooong way away from where I used to be.  And I'll probably never be back to where I was before I started having kids. But it feels good to be consistent and to be building up some endurance again.  Slow running endurance.  But still. 

I had a bunch of photo shoots for a few weeks and the extra money has been nice (Christmas, you know) it also has been nice to have a break.  But I have a couple scheduled this week, if they don't get rained out.  So that's good.  

We had a nice Thanksgiving break.  It was really low key and relaxed and I kind of didn't know what to do with myself and the kids.  So we watched a lot of movies and I shopped online and also I watched all the new Gilmore Girl episodes.  Oh and we put up the Christmas tree.  The kids are waiting to see if our little snowman will be whisked away to the North Pole and return with magic and move around at night.

He will.  But not until it gets a little closer to Christmas.  I think he'd be exhausted if he came alive so soon (wink wink).

They are putting in the culvert for our driveway out at the land this week.  So I suppose that's exciting.  And a little bit of progress.  

The boys are back to school today.  Woohoo.  And I have several meetings for a little committee that I'm on at school this week.  I still don't know whether I should curse my friend for making me sign up for this thing, or be glad to be a little more involved.  It goes back and forth. 

The primary program went great and all the primary kids did amazing and sang so well and I was so proud of them all!  And also I'm super glad it's over.  And I kind of feel like a teacher after the end of the year testing last school.  The test is over and now we can just play in sharing time until the new year, lol.  

Saturday, November 19, 2016

With Dad

I had them all gather around Brice and I didn't even bother making them pose.  Or expect anything other than what I got, lol.  I just wanted some pics of them with Brice.  Their good old Daddy.  Such a good old Daddy.

And then Leesie was being super cranky and would not give him a kiss.  So Liv did instead.  

And then this picture of the oldest and youngest is so sweet.  Seven years apart.  When she starts kindergarten he will be 12.  When he graduates from high school she will be 11.  When he gets back from his mission she will be 13.  Those things are far away though.  But probably not as far away as I would like.  Time really is a thief. 

More Leesie

Her hair in this picture above.  Ha!  Sometimes I just don't know what to do with it.  It is so the opposite of Liv's hair.  So straight and so fine.  I wonder what it will be like in a  year or so.

And then more pics of the girls together that are super sweet and cute. 

Field of Sisters

These two are double trouble.  And I just love it.


These two handsome brothers.  They drive me so completely crazy sometimes.  But life just wouldn't be life with them.  They are loud and silly and rambunctious.  But they are so good, too.  We've been practicing for the primary program and I sit up there with them because I'm in charge (or something like that, how did that even happen?  I mean, I'm still basically 16, but whatever) and when I pick out either of their voices singing the songs, I literally almost burst into tears.  My eyes get all watery and my throat stops up and I have to pinch myself and mentally think "don't be a weirdo, don't be a weirdo, don't be a weirdo".  The last song of the program is "We'll Bring the World His Truth".  I remember singing that as grandchildren all together for my grandparents missionary farewell when then went on a mission to Africa.  That was so many years ago.  I think I was in like fourth grade or something like that.  But since then I have always LOVED that song.  And now both of my grandparents are gone and doing missionary work on the other side of the veil, I'm sure.

So when I hear the boys voices singing that song.  Yeah.  I lose it.  We'll see how I hold it together tomorrow.  I'm already losing it. 

"We have been saved, for these latter day, to build the kingdom in righteous way." 

I mean really.  Those words.  Those boys. My heart.  BURSTING. 

Friday, November 18, 2016


They were so done at this point.  Look at the picture below lol.  Liv is obviously whining and upset and Cam is shooting her a look that clearly reads "quit crying and man up" 

So they attempted to "man up" with these forced and pitiful smiles.

Oh how I love them.  They do have to deal with a crazy mom and her camera.  So they should be rewarded, I guess.