Monday, September 29, 2014

Just stop it beach. Stop making me love you.

Cam running away from the waves.  Love it.

These 4 make me happy

I think part of what allows these four to have so much fun together is that they don't get to see each other all the time.  So when they do, they play and they play hard.  There is hardly any fighting and they just have FUN together.

Seeing them play together makes me so happy.  

This is how you punch the waves

Skirting the waves

I love this picture of Liv's face as she's trying to skirt the waves on the shore.

She finally let the water touch her.

Beach again.

I can't really think of any more clever titles.  It's all about the beach.  It will never stop being about the beach, I guess.

Anyway after our family photo pictures, Livvy was in a good mood and there was still an hour or so of light left, so we went back to the beach.

I took my big camera.

And then I took about a thousand pictures and I love them all.  So I'm going to have just show them all.

In little itty bitty segments which is the only way I can handle it.

So for starters, here's Livvy walking up the board walk, happy for once about heading to the beach.

And some of Jace and Cam rolling around in a pile of sand.

And then Jace letting the wave crash on him and realizing, yikes that's a little cold.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Me and my boys

I seized the opportunity during the picture taking to get some pictures of me and the boys.  I handed off the camera to Auntie Sherri and she snapped away.  Like finger on the shutter button like it was the last day on earth.  

And I'm so glad she did that.  Because we got some cute pictures.

My trick to getting the boys to smile was to tickle them.  Which is why Jace was trying to escape in the last picture.  But see how cute the first two were.

And then I told the boys to kiss me.  Because oh how precious.  So they did.

Kissed me and also grabbed my boob.  Pretty sure.

And then they started getting carried away.  As they always do whenever I try to have fun with them

Until finally I had HAD it.

This is my "I've had it" face.

This is my "get away from me" face.

And this is me being done.