Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sleeping American beauty

This sleeping girl slept all of the 4th of July asleep.

American beauties

So I'm not gonna name any  names, but two of these American beauties did not want to look at the camera.

Come take a ride

After dinner one evening Uncle Troy took all the kids on a fourwheeler ride.  The kids spent a lot of time out on that deck.  They ate out there.  Or, rather, they were given food out there and they kind of picked at it and moved it around and let it go to waste while the flies feasted on it and they ran around doing everything BUT eating.  That's how it usually went down.

These two

 They just get along so well.  I love it.


And now some grainy and dark and blurry pics of the kids catching fireflies. :)

Oh my gosh it was so hot.  Even at almost eight thirty at night.

Like you stepped outside and your clothes immediately stuck to your body and you felt like you were in a sauna hot.  And I don't now why I'm talking in past tense because it's still so hot.  But we're hiding inside more than we were when the cousins were here, I guess. 

The heat hardly bothered the kids though.  They ran around like little crazy children.  And got sweaty and stinky and HOT.  Good thing they were able to mostly play in the pool to keep themselves cooled off.

Kind of friends

Liv and Kimi weren't too sure what to think of each other.  They kind of played by each other.  They kind of ignored each other.  They mostly just followed the bigger kids around and played with them.

Occasionally they found themselves with just each other, and were forced to interact.

Towards the end of the visit, though, they started to warm up to each other.  Liv couldn't remember Kimi's name sometiems, so then she would call her Gaga.  When we went back to Granny's after Emily and the kids had left, Liv ran all around looking for Gaga.  Then she came to inform me that, "Gaga not here."  

Here they are checking out their Frozen swimsuits.

They got along the best when they were being mischeivious.  Like on the last night.

They wandered to the shower by the pool. Both of them started out in their clothes, but after we saw that they wouldn't be deterred from playing in it, the clothes were lost and they went to town.

They would stick their heads under the cold water and then gasp for breath.  It was hilarious.

Next year I think these two little stinkers will be inseperable.