Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Greatest Picture Ever!. . . and some other ones

There it is. How I managed to take the picture at the exact moment Jace decided to stick his tongue out, I'll never know. But in this picture I've captured the character that is Jace: cute, big-eyed, and a little bit crazy.

Can you see the family resemblence in these two beautiful boys? (And did I spell resemblence wrong?)

He is in a "sticking his tongue out" phase. He is also in a "When you put me down for a nap I'm going to crawl around and stand up in my crib for an hour before I even think about falling asleep unless you rock me" phase. I like the tongue one better.

This is the picture I sent in for the Regis and Kelly Beautiful Baby contest. But I cropped out everything pretty much except his face. The grand prize winner gets 125,000 dollars towards a college scholarship. 10 finalists get some money too (though I don't know how much) and free Gerber baby food for life. When you look on the Regis and Kelly website they have a baby gallery with thousands and thousands of baby pictures. How do you think they decide who wins? I bet they just pick the finalists randomly (cause what kind of person feels good about saying, "Cute baby, ugly baby"). But maybe Jace will win! You can tune in on March 9th to find out the 10 finalists.