Thursday, January 5, 2017

Baby cousin

The girls with their littlest cousin.  I'm bummed because they all have cute monogrammed shirts that their Auntie Lisa got them, and I didn't think to have them wear them.  But then Lyla was wearing hers.  And how cute would it have been to have them all wearing the shirts with their names?  So cute.  But these are cute, too.  Sweet little girlie cousins.  


The Sandall's said...

Overtime I see a picture of sweet Lyla I want to cry... I want to get my hands on her!!! And it still seems weird to me that Troy and Mel are parents, that they have a baby. Maybe because I haven't held her yet. But they definitely are adorable little girls!! And Lyla looks JUST LIKE TROY in these pictures!!! His baby pictures!!

The Sandall's said...