Thursday, August 28, 2008

Baby Jace and the Adventure of the Flailing Hands

Baby Jace discovers his hands. They had always been there, always with him. These two, uncontrollable balled up fists that seemed to flail about as if not connected to his body. But one day, he discovers that they are connected to his body. He moves his arm in front of his face. . . and the hand moves with it. Ahh, he watches with awe. This is an incredible discovery, he thinks.
With these hands, he can do anything! He can change the world!. . . Or at least suck on his fist as a way of comforting himself.

But one day Baby Jace decides that these interesting hands must be good for something else. He thinks about a time when he was placed under dangling toys. He wanted to hit those toys with his hands. But it was a struggle to accomplish even that much. There has to be way, he decides. There has to be a way to control these hands. So, after much debate, he makes the decision to go and visit the Great Wise Andy. Baby Jace has heard of this Great Wise Andy and knows that he has much knowledge. The Great Wise Andy will know what to do about the hands.

He travels day and night in search of the Great Wise Andy, who, it is said, resides in a mystical place called “The Cage.” Finally, Baby Jace reaches his destination. It is night and dark and scary. He hears a noise!

He whirls around and sees a dark and furry monster looming over him! He wants to scream but no sound comes out. Finally he says, “Are you the Great Wise Andy?”

"Yes,” the furry monster replies. “Why have you come seeking me?”
“I come in peace,” Baby Jace says.
“I am wondering if you might tell me the purpose of these hands. I know they must be good for something, but all I do is suck them. I cannot seem to control them. Can you help me?” The Great Wise Andy is quiet for a long time.
Finally he says, “You, and only you, can learn to control your hands. You must work hard until you accomplish this control. But remember this: your hands are very powerful. You must use them for good. There are many who choose to use their hands for that which is not good."
"Now go, and use them well."
Yes, Baby Jace thinks as he travels home. He will learn to control his hands, and he will use them for good. It will not be easy, he knows. But soon he will learn to control them.

And he is learning, just as the Great Wise Andy said he should.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

2 months already!

Two months old already. Funny how times flies by much more quickly when you're not vomiting every other meal. Jace had his two month appointment this morning. He nows weighs 11 lbs and is 22 and 1/2 inches. He's getting so big! He's growing out of some of his newborn stuff. I'm sad and happy about that at the same time. Below you will see a cute little picture of him enjoying a nice soothing bath. The goods are pretty much covered so as not to embarrass the little guy too much.

And yes, he is trying to stick his whole fist into his mouth. He's a fist sucker. Not so much a thumb sucker, although I did catch him sucking his thumb the other day. I think that was by accident. But he loves that fist. I've tried to substitue a pacifier instead and he's okay with that for a little while. . . but I guess nothing compares to a good old fist!