Monday, August 13, 2018

Tetherball champions

Can you believe Brice didn't know how to really play tetherball till this day?  Of course after he figured it out, he and Troy had to take over the game for a little while.  Jace was pretty annoyed about it.  But he got to play, too.  And then once Brice and Troy had their fill, some new cousins came the next day and Jace had plenty of time for getting the hang of tetherball.  I totally remember playing this game during elementary recess and there was this one girl named Miriam, and she was like the queen of tetherball.  And I was like the fraidy-cat of tetherball.  

When they had to do a sudden freeze of the game because Lyla wandered into the path of the ball.  Luckily they stopped pounding the ball before they sailed it right into her head. 

Also checking out the turkeys was always fun, too. 

Anderson Cabin

Super bright pictures of us visiting the Anderson Cabin.  I have more on my phone, and in my chatbook.  Which I guess I could put in my blog book, but I probably won't.  Anyway, we had fun tromping through the woods and exploring around the cabin.  And lucky for us, there wasn't anybody else up there.  The cabin is assigned to different Anderson families for a week at a time during the summer.  We walked up to the place where they had the old swing.  The cut down the entire platform tree, so that no one can put the swing back up.  Brice and Troy were kind of sad to see the platform tree laying there on the ground.  I, for one, am not sad.  That swing was terrifying, and as a mom, I would be terrified of my kids swinging on it.  Because I'm kind of a chicken, and a worry wart. 

Great Grandma Anderson

We had a wonderful visit in Fairview with Great Grandma Anderson.  I'm glad we were able, and that Brice was able, to take a trip out to see her.  She is still doing so well, I think, for her age.  Although I can't quite remember how old she is.  85 maybe?  She still gets around well, and aside from forgetting names of the many great grandchildren she has, she seems to have her wits about her, too.  I'm glad the kids were able to visit with her and make some memories with Great Grandma Anderson.  

Crawdad hunting

The cousins took us to their favorite crawdad fishing spot.  It was beautiful, though the water was pretty chilly.  The Kentucky kiddos had their teeth chattering by the time we were done.  But they really loved finding and catching crawdads, and wading through the creek.