Monday, February 18, 2019

Costume crazies

Sometimes when the kids are being insane I snap and then I act insane and yell and scream and force them to clean up with the house and do chores.

But sometimes I just embrace the crazy and get my camera out and take pictures of it.  I actually wanted to use my flash so when they started this nonsense of flinging themselves off the couch in old Halloween costumes, I grabbed my camera and let them do it.  

But oh my gosh they are crazy.  How have we survived in this tiny little house so long?  I mean, I know I should be grateful.  I am.  I know there are some people who live in tinier houses than this with more people and worse living conditions.  So I am grateful for this little house.  But sometimes I'm surprised the walls are still standing.  And more than just surprised that the couches are still standing.  Its a miracle they're still functional. 

Model helpers

When I set up for session in the boys room, which doubles as my tiny little ghetto studio, I make the girls pose for me to figure out lighting.  If they're home.  And then I just share the pics of them because they are cuties and there can never been too many pictures of them.  Especially Leesie.  She's three and a half.  Which is too old.  Because she's supposed to still be the baby.  But she's very much a little girl now.  Sniff sniff.  No more babies in this house.  Makes me kind of sad.  But also kind of excited for the fun stuff we'll get to do in the future with our big kids.  But then also sad. 

Enough with the trampoline pictures

I know.  Enough already.  But it's all I got.  


One sunny day I moved out the girls playhouse from the corner by the garage and cleaned it out.  I put it in the middle of the yard in the grass, which Brice hates.  But the girls never play in it when its back in the shade because it gets all dirty and it's cold and the ground never dries over there.  Little cutie sisters in their little playhouse. 

All we do is jump

On the days when the sun is actually shining and it's forty degrees but the kids think its summer time because the sun is out, all we do is jump.

So I have a lot of jumping on the trampoline pictures.