Friday, February 23, 2018


I feel like I've taken lots of pictures of just her lately, but then at the same time I feel like I haven't taken enough.  She's growing up so fast.  Time has seemed to literally have raced by since she was born.  How can it be that she is two and a half?  And she's potty trained, and talking, and sleeping in a big girl bed and acting like a big kid.  Yesterday I visited Alyssa and Cody's new little one in the hospital.  She is brand new and so tiny.  And being there made me feel like I was just there yesterday with Annalise.  But really that was so long ago, and now my big girl is HUGE compared to that tiny little newborn I held yesterday. 

The only time I ever feel even a tiny tinge of baby fever is holding a brand new newborn.  And I don't really want another newborn myself, I just want to travel back in time and relive those first few weeks when Annalise was a newborn.  Because I feel like it was all a blur.  And I want to do it again. 

I guess instead I'll just have to hold Alyssa's baby any chance I get. 

Sink play

It's amazing how much water they can get on the floor with just five minutes of playing in the sink.  Even when Liv promises, "we won't get water every where, Mommy, we really won't."

Pretty little princess

Oh my pretty little princess!  She's a little princess with a mind of her own who likes to put on princess dresses and then take them off one minute later because they're itchy.  She can sit and play in her room all by herself with her toys for hours, and sometimes I like to  sit outside her door and listen to her create little stories with the toys.  And other times I just hide from her because of course if she she sees me, then the magical playing by herself spell is broken and she needs me to entertain her.  

Wednesday, February 21, 2018


I had a little one year old cake smash shoot that I did in the boys room on Saturday, so the Friday before I had the girls model for me so I could see how the lighting would work.  Aren't they such great little models?  Oh they are so funny sometimes.  And crazy sometimes.  And sweet.  And then as sweet as they are, they are as equally infuriating, especially when they're fighting over toys.  Which happens quite a bit lately.  Annalise is started to have an opinion and her big sister doesn't like that, too much.   And also Annalise is used to getting everything she wants, and her big sister doesn't like that either.  And when Annalise doesn't get what she wants. . . we all regret it.  

These of Annalise might just be my favorite pictures ever of her. 

Friday, February 16, 2018

Pretend preschool pics

I took preschool pictures for the little preschool that we went to last year.  This year we're not going, because Livvy is in another preschool and I decided I would rather not be a teacher there, because I'm lazy and don't want to work, hehe.  Plus me and my Leesie like our freedom in the morning.  

Anyway, Leesie came with me when I had to do some retakes for kids who were absent, and she got to pose for me.  She's such a cutie, who is growing up way way way too fast. 

No snow Snow day

One day we had a random snow day where there was NO snow, and NO ice, and NOTHING that really explained why we didn't have school.  So that afternoon I let the kids move the big chair in the living room out of the way and they jumped around on the couches like crazy people until I got kicked in the face and made them all stop. 

That's one good thing about having crappy couches that you don't care about at all anymore.