Friday, May 18, 2018

First pool visit

Our first visit to Granny's pool for the season!  It was hot and muggy outside and the water was surprisingly not too cold.  Still too cold for me and Leesie to want to get in, but the other three enjoyed it.

Also today is the last day of school for the boys, and Liv had her last day yesterday.  The boys get out al 11:00 today, and then summer begins!

And it's pouring rain outside.


Saturday, May 12, 2018

Summer is here (basically)

It feels like just yesterday I was complaining about how cold it still was here.  And then I was thinking about how we would skip straight to summer weather.  Which we basically did.  But I'm okay with that.  The girls and I pulled those out today.  Liv loved it, but Leesie wasn't too thrilled.  She liked the spraying part, but not so much the actually getting wet part.  Here's to many more days of playing in the hose this summer!

Preschool Graduate

Livvy Loo is a preschool graduate!  Yay Livvy!  She has loved preschool this year and I think it has been really good for her.  She's just a little social butterfly in her class.  When we went to the little graduation program, she was so excited to say hi to all her friends and introduce us.  And her best friend at preschool is a small little Hispanic boy named Etzel.  (I don't know if that's you spell it but it's pronounced like I spelled it).  She and Etzel are good buddies, and he is only one from her class going to the same elementary school as her next year, and so I really hope he is in her class.  And I think they are the cutest friends, because according to her teacher, Etzel is really shy and quiet, and of course Olivia is the opposite of shy and quiet.  But for some reason, she has really just latched on to this kid, and they play together all the time.  

Also I'm pretty sure one day she'll look at the picture below and really hate me for including it because of the face she's making. . . but I just love it.  Just like I love her.