Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Some more snow

My favorite was when Olivia thought she was so funny when she threw a big snowball of snow at Daddy's butt.

Kitchen tears

She was throwing a fit about something, but then I said I wanted to take some pictures of you, and she dried it up real quick.  Where did this blue eyed girlie come from?  My dad has blue eyes.  Brice's papa has blue eyes.  Who else?  I'll have to do some looking into people's eyes to see who else has these blue eyes that snuck through our DNA and into this little girl.  

Face coloring

She got some face crayons for her birthday so one Saturday afternoon when it was super nice outside we tried them out.  The sunshine was so beautiful and it was semi warm.  They each chose what they wanted to be, except for Jace who deemed himself too cool to want anything drawn on his face.  I guess that's just another sign that he's growing up.  But it kind of makes me sad a little bit.  The eight year old Jace would have picked to be a creeper.  Ten year old Jace was too embarrassed.  Sniff sniff.

Anyway, Liv chose a puppy, Cam wanted a spider, and Annalise wanted to be a witch.  Also I think this was the day after Olivia's birthday, and I'm not sure the sun has been out again since.  That warrant another sniff sniff. 

Six Years Old

My sweet Olivia Rose is 6 years old.  Too crazy to think that six years has passed since she joined our little family.  She is spunky and feisty and emotional and loud and wonderful and a little bit nutty and full of love and energy and the sweetest thing (unless I'm doing her hair).

We love you so much, Olivia!  

Thursday, January 3, 2019


Insanity out in the cold on the trampoline, or insanity in our living room.  Please hurry up and be spring.