Monday, February 18, 2019

Enough with the trampoline pictures

I know.  Enough already.  But it's all I got.  


One sunny day I moved out the girls playhouse from the corner by the garage and cleaned it out.  I put it in the middle of the yard in the grass, which Brice hates.  But the girls never play in it when its back in the shade because it gets all dirty and it's cold and the ground never dries over there.  Little cutie sisters in their little playhouse. 

All we do is jump

On the days when the sun is actually shining and it's forty degrees but the kids think its summer time because the sun is out, all we do is jump.

So I have a lot of jumping on the trampoline pictures. 

Also these

Also these pictures were on that same card.  From before the days of rain when the kids would play in the warm outside air some kind of running around with being chased by the boys with rollerblades kind of game.  That usually ended in tears.  But still fun. 

House beginnings

I found these pictures on a card from back in October when they first starting digging the basement for the house.  Back before it was a massive mud hole.  Back when the ground was actually dry and not saturated with three feet of disgusting muddy water from incessant rain. 

Dance clinic

In January Olivia got to go to a dance clinic on by the high school dance team.  The Colonettes.  I cannot say that word for the life of me.  

Anyway, she loved it so much.  The clinic was for three hours one Saturday morning, and they learned and practiced their dance and then performed during the half time of a high school basketball game.  It was so cute.  Olivia may have sadly inherited her moms coordination, much like her brother Jace, but she still looked super darn cute.  And it was only $30 for the clinic and she felt like a real dancer, so I call it a win!

Water play

This little girl is constantly by my side during the day when it's just the two of us.  Sometimes its nice.  Sometimes it drives me crazy.  So I'm often trying to find different things for her to do that keep her occupied and give me a few minutes of peace.  She played in the water with her toys for a good thirty minutes, haha.  Thirty minutes is kind of a long time for her not to be bugging me :)

I can't believe we're already well past the middle of February.  The rain this winter has been insane, and we haven't gotten to work on the house building since December.  It has been raining at least four days out of every week, and it's been pretty depressing and gloomy and super super annoying.  So here's hoping it dried up long enough eventually for us to get something done.