Sunday, April 15, 2018

Three stooges

One day when Jace was out helping Brice on the house he's building, I was bored so I bribed the three stooges that were home with me to let me take some pictures of them.  And so that's where these came from.

Witching hour snacking

I love Leesie's messy hair in these.  Also it was really only like 6:30 when these photos were taken.  Yup, I put the girls to bed at 6:30.  Earlier, if I can get away with it.  Mostly because neither of them nap anymore, and they are so done with the day by 6:30.  Plus I'm done with the day by then, too.  Now that Liv has swim lessons that don't get done until 6:00, bedtime has been a little bit later, and we are all feeling it.  Annalise actually fell asleep in my arms at the McDonald's play place last week, and then another afternoon last week she fell asleep on my bed while she was hiding from the big bad wolf.  I could try and start making her nap again, but I think we'll just stick with trying to do early bedtimes, and then the occasional nap when she just can't take it anymore :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

More Livvy and her fake freckles

Oh this funny girl wanted some make up AND freckles the other day.  She's such a character.  So much personality.  She's extreme in all her emotions.  Whether she's being goofy, or sad, or wild, or funny.  Extreme.  Also she is still the slowest dresser ever and it drives me INSANE. 

More of Leesie

Sometimes I get bored and then I just take random pictures of whichever kids are around at the time. And this time it was Leesie and Livvy.  And also Leesie didn't have a shirt on for some reason.  Who knows why.

Today at the library this girl threw a massive fit because I wouldn't pick her up and carry her to the check out.  Because I had an arm full of books. But that was unacceptable to her and she turned into a demon child, in a fit of rage.  Biggest public fit to date.  It included screaming and throwing herself on the floor, and kicking her hands and pounding her fists and writhing around like a possessed snake.  It was pleasant, let me tell ya. 

Friday, February 23, 2018


I feel like I've taken lots of pictures of just her lately, but then at the same time I feel like I haven't taken enough.  She's growing up so fast.  Time has seemed to literally have raced by since she was born.  How can it be that she is two and a half?  And she's potty trained, and talking, and sleeping in a big girl bed and acting like a big kid.  Yesterday I visited Alyssa and Cody's new little one in the hospital.  She is brand new and so tiny.  And being there made me feel like I was just there yesterday with Annalise.  But really that was so long ago, and now my big girl is HUGE compared to that tiny little newborn I held yesterday. 

The only time I ever feel even a tiny tinge of baby fever is holding a brand new newborn.  And I don't really want another newborn myself, I just want to travel back in time and relive those first few weeks when Annalise was a newborn.  Because I feel like it was all a blur.  And I want to do it again. 

I guess instead I'll just have to hold Alyssa's baby any chance I get.