Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Christmas morning 2018

Christmas morning!!!  Always a blast, and always feels like it's over before it even begins.  We make the kids slow it down by handing out one present at a time and opening one present at at time.  While everyone watches and oooh and ahhhhs (though they're really just itching to get to the next present cause it might be for them).

Olivia was cracking me up with all the stuff in her stocking. And then she was so overwhelmed that right in the middle of the stocking opening, she had to stop and say a prayer. . . to Santa Claus.   Whoops.  Also her hands. . . haha!  I don't know where she got the idea to pray like that because we don't pray like that.  We fold our arms.  Anyway, it was kind of hilarious.  And I gently explained that honey, yes Santa may have brought us these stockings, but we pray to Heavenly Father and tell him we're thankful that he allowed Santa to bring us these stockings. Silly girl.

I love all of their happy and surprised faces.  I love Christmas morning.  Cameron had woken up at around 3:00 in the morning with a high fever, so he was drugged up and slept the rest of the night on the floor in our room.  Although I don't think he ever fell back to sleep.  So when the others woke up at  6:15, he was ready to go.  His fever stayed down at least for Christmas morning, but the rest of the day he felt pretty yucky.  And that began the whole week of all of us getting the flu.  Except for Brice and Annalise.  Leesie started taking tamiflu to help prevent her from getting it.  And it either worked really well or she just got really lucky. 

After Annalise opened up her Peppa Pig doll house that she had been asking Santa for (because I manipulated her and told her to ask Santa for it because I knew she would love it, and I was right) she was interested in opening anything else.  She just wanted to play with it!  Good job, Santa.

We had a wonderful Christmas morning.  And then we went over to Granny's and spent the rest of the day with family there.  Until Cameron was so sick and tired that he was basically passed out on the floor of Granny's living room.  Then we came home.  To our gigantic mess of a house.  Only to find out that the heater had stopped working.  Yikes. 

But luckily we got it up and running, and thus started the week of us just praying and hoping the heater wouldn't go out until they were able to replace it. 

Christmas cookies for Santa

We waited until Christmas Eve to decorate cookies this year.  Mostly because I just didn't have everything together enough to do it till then.  But it worked out perfectly to do it at Granny's.  I just brought over all the stuff and we cleaned it up there and we were done!  Yay! 

So I did so much baking goodies this year for Christmas.  Brice joked that I probably baked more in those two weeks leading up to Christmas than I have ever done in my entire life.  He was probably right.  But I did really enjoy making Christmas treats.  We made 7 plates of goodies to leave with people when we went caroling on the Thursday before Christmas but I took it upon myself to make those goodies and decorate those cookies.  The kids cookies were more along the likes of something Santa would want.  And of course we had pleasant weather all that week until the day we went out to deliver goodies.  And then it poured.  But we still had a fun time with our little family. We tried singing a churchy Christmas song at one house, but then we switched to jingle bells and that went a lot better.  Plus also I didn't almost break down and cry.   Goodness, I'm like this emotional nut case who loses it for the simplest reasons these days.

The Nativity 2017

This year the Nativity featured Lyla and Leesie as the cute little angels, Olivia as Mary, Jace as Joseph, and Cameron as the donkey and the shepherd.  Also starring Brice, Cody, and Troy as very unenthused wisemen, Alyssa as the shining star, and Poppy as the inn keeper.  Granny was the narrator and Mel and I were directors (aka children herders). 

Also in church that morning Cameron sang a solo of the first verse of Away in a Manger, and he sounded so sweet.  He has the voice of angel.  At least to my mommy ears he does :)

I love these pictures of the astonished and scared shepherds with the very bored and grumpy looking wisemen in the background.