Friday, February 16, 2018

Pretend preschool pics

I took preschool pictures for the little preschool that we went to last year.  This year we're not going, because Livvy is in another preschool and I decided I would rather not be a teacher there, because I'm lazy and don't want to work, hehe.  Plus me and my Leesie like our freedom in the morning.  

Anyway, Leesie came with me when I had to do some retakes for kids who were absent, and she got to pose for me.  She's such a cutie, who is growing up way way way too fast. 

No snow Snow day

One day we had a random snow day where there was NO snow, and NO ice, and NOTHING that really explained why we didn't have school.  So that afternoon I let the kids move the big chair in the living room out of the way and they jumped around on the couches like crazy people until I got kicked in the face and made them all stop. 

That's one good thing about having crappy couches that you don't care about at all anymore.  

Olivia draws

She's finally started to show some interest in drawing more, and her handwriting at school has really taken off.  She can write her name pretty well now and she draws pictures for pleasure, actually, haha!  Also you can see Leesie's scribbly artwork next to her.  And you can see that she still hasn't grown out of the occasional uncontrollable drawing all over her body.  Nice.

And today she was singing a made up song that went like this:  "My mommy is so beautiful, my sister is so beautiful, I am so beautiful.  I don't know why I'm singing this, I guess I'm just so nice. . ."  Haha!

Just because pics

It's the time of year where winter and rain seem never ending.  So we're trying to keep busy.  But the clouds just don't seem to want to go away.  Go away clouds.  Hurry and get here spring!

Our days are filled with school, and dress up, and playing with toys, and going to the YMCA, and homework, and swimming (for the boys), and the occasional birthday party for a friend, and family get togethers. . . Going to the y keeps me sane.  

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Getting out

We've had a few occasional days of warmth.  One afternoon the girls went out and jumped for a little bit, and I so desperately feel in a picture taking slump that I took a few pictures of them.  Annalise's hair was cracking me up!  She is growing up so much and it makes me a little sad.  She's speaking a lot now, and pretty much I can understand most of what she says.  She's out of diapers.  She's like a full blown little kid now.  All the tears for that.  

But I guess I knew this was what was coming.  And it's kind of exciting to be done with the baby stage in our family.  Especially the part about her being out of diapers.