Friday, November 2, 2018


 This year we went trick or treating the afternoon before Halloween.  Because our town is weird and since it was supposed to rain all the next day, they moved Halloween.  I guess you can just do that.  Because they did.  

Leesie loved showing me her candy.  The kids all did so well trick or treating.  It's just getting easier in some ways, people.  This was the easiest trick or treating adventure yet. 

We went to the house of one of Olivia's teachers, and she was so excited to see Mrs. Robin!!

We knew they were done when they kept stopping after every house to dig in their candy buckets.  

Leesie and her little sidekick

When Lyla comes over, she is Leesie's little sidekick.  For the most part they get long fine.  They play together and watch tv together and run around like crazies together and eat snacks together.  Two little peas in a pod. 

But sometimes Leesie doesn't want to share things.  And when that happens she throws fits. 

And Lyla is just like cool.  Cool, cool, cool. 

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

The Chewbacca Spam

Chewbacca.  The Spam.  I didn't really know how to tell him to pose.  So we just kind of winged it, and in the last picture he kind of looks like a Chewbacca pirate.  My funny little Chewbacca man. 

Annalise the Witch

Sweet Annalise the witch.  She kept saying she was a bad witch and would turn you into a toad.  But I think she's a good witch.  Unless she has to do something she doesn't want to do, and then you better watch out.