Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Bed head hair

When Annalise was younger she used to have some amazing bed head hair.  Oh how I loved it.  It was so crazy and wild and all over the place.  Now she wakes up and most of the time its perfectly straight and beautiful.  Which is good, too.  But oh how I miss those days of amazing bed head hair.  

So when Lyla showed up this morning with truly awesome hair, I had to take some pics.  

We were watching Lilo and Stitch and Leesie was really concerned during some of the sad and scary parts.  Um, that movie is a real tear jerker. 

This is just to document how Lyla is like a little mountain goat. 

Looking out the window trying to spot the puppy.

And then really really concerned during an intense part of the movie.

And then Lyla found my phone and she was so so happy.  

And then I took it away from her, and her life was over .

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

It's a boy!

Troy and Melanie are having a boy!  The way they revealed the gender was really cute.  The kids picked numbers and then popped the corresponding numbered balloon to pop.  Some how they drew and popped all the balloons but the very last one, which had blue confetti in it.  Cameron and Olivia were of course the ones with the dramatic flair and their faces are cracking me up.  Like it was huge life altering event for them, to find out whether it was a boy or girl.  Of course Liv was rooting for girl and Cameron was hoping for a boy.  Cameron had his wish come true.  We can't wait till the new baby arrives in December.  I need some newborn snuggles!