Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Laundry basket sitting

Just chilling in the laundry baskets one day after preschool.  And eating poptarts, of course, because that's a super healthy snack. 

Also--fridge, why are you so dirty??

These girls

While the boys were playing basketball, these girls were jumping on the trampoline.  I remember it was kind of chilly outside, and Annalise just kept wanting to take her jacket off.  And she was wearing a minnie mouse pajama dress with pants underneath.  Super classy.  But I believe she picked the outfit out herself.  So whatcha gonna do?


One Saturday in November these guys did a little bit of basketball playing.  It's alway better when Dad plays, too.  Jace and Cameron been playing with just each other a little more lately. . . but you know how that goes.  Little brother is a little whiney because big brother is a little rough.  So they do more fighting than playing most of the time when it's just the two of them.  

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Some things about Annalise lately:  She is very into playing pretend.  She likes to be the mom and then I'm the grandma.  Nice.

She is very in to throwing fits.  She throws some major fits.  She likes things just a certain way and if things aren't done the way she likes, watch out.  Or if her clothes are not on her in the way that she likes, watch out.  Or if she wants something and you say no. . . watch out.

She no longer easily takes naps (hasn't really since we took the passi away.  So I'm paying for that). She will take a nap if I lay with her till she falls asleep, but usually she'll just keep getting up and out of bed and I'll have to put her back in bed over and over until the window of nap time is gone.  So I sometimes lay with her and sometimes I just let her stay up.  Depends on when she can go to bed that night. 

She's talking a lot more and I'm understanding more of what she's saying.  And her little personality is the cutest and we all just love her!!

Forgotten photos

Sometime in October I took these pictures.  And I forgot about them.  Until now.   And I'm so glad i found them.  This was right when summer was still trying to hold on to October.  But now fall and even some chilly winter mornings have taken over.  Which I'm glad about.  Except for I'm not glad about the darkness.  The total darkness at 5:00 is not the best. 

But what IS the best are these pictures of Leesie with her cheeto fingers and cheeto faces.