Friday, March 22, 2013

 I know Olivia is really almost three months now but she just barely went in for her two month appointment.  We were in Texas so we missed the original one.  She weighed in at 9 pounds 8 ounces and was 22 inches long.  So the chart automatically bumped her up to comparison to three month olds and she is barely in the fifth percentile.  She's a teeny little thing.  I can't believe that when she was born she weighed four pounds less and was five inches shorter.  She was tiny.

Sometimes I feel  bad lately because I haven't been taking very many pictures of the boys. . . but in my defense they are not very cooperative when it comes to taking pictures. Like when I was taking these of little Livvy I tried to get Jace to smile but instead he would A) show me his leapster

or B) yell at me to leave him alone

and finally C) ignore me completely

Today was one of those "super mom" days.  Only imagine that being said dripped with sarcasm. Jace and Cameron have pretty much been watching TV or playing their video games all day.  They are both currently still in their pajamas.  Cameron's pajamas are also the same ones he slept in the night before and also wore all day yesterday.

But sometimes I'm a good mom.  The other day I made them this little car garage play thing that I saw on Pinterest out of a cardboard box.  When I was finished and they went at it I thought about how maybe I should feel bad that I see something on Pinterest, and then my kids get the half-assed version that I make for them.  Pardon my french.  But I couldn't think of another word that describes that thought.  They seem to be pretty happy with it though.  And also its already destroyed.  So at least I spent twenty minutes making it instead of hours fancying it up.  Oh those boys.  They have so much energy and its still so nasty outside.  If it doesn't get warm here soon all their brain cells might soon be destroyed by Angry Birds.

Also I've been trying and trying to catch Livvy's sweet smile.  I keep missing it.  But I get close.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Right after Olivia's baby blessing we headed to Texas with my parents to spend two weeks with them.  The best part about it was the sun.  And grandma and grandpa, of course.  But really-- the sun.  It was perfect weather there and we didn't really do too much, because you can't really with two crazy boys and a two month old, but we did play outside a lot.  

The boys were perfect angels together.

Oh, just kidding.  They weren't.

 Jace was his normal hyper, crazy self.  I think this montage (is that the right word?  And the right spelling?) of him sums up what he's like pretty much all the time.

He wont' ever just look at the camera and smile.  As a result of his spazzy-ness he's always knocking things over or falling down or making a huge mess.  Oh Jace.

And I know I also posted one of these but then I remembered this blast from the past that made me laugh.

Baby Jace attempted a stink-eye and failed as well.  

Anyway so a lot of our time was spent on Grandma's drive way blowing bubbles and riding bikes. And some second hand kid skates that I found at a goodwill.  I also got some for Cameron but he was too scared to try them.

We also got to hang with Uncle Randall for the first week before he went on a road trip the second week with a friend.  He was the go-to for video games and wrestling, of course.

Little Livvy did what she does best (well, except for the last couple of days).  She cuddled up with grandma and grandpa alot and started smiling a lot more in just the two weeks we were there.  

When bedtime came the boys were usually pretty exhausted and slept good.  One day they went on a huge hike around a pond at a park near our home with Grandpa.  They slept pretty good that night.  I think the only way I survive parenthood is bedtime.  Early bedtime.  I could never be one of those parents who let their kids dictate when they're ready for bed because knowing bedtime is coming is sometimes the only thing that keeps me sane.  That and Diet Coke.  

A lady in our branch today even called to see if I wanted to her to take Jace to a play that she's taking her kids to.  The play didn't start until 6:30.  I kindly said, "No thanks."  But what I was thinking was, "Are you crazy?  Jace is sometimes asleep by 6:30.  If I let you take him to a play with you, he wouldn't sit quietly like your kids.  He would be bouncing in the aisles like a ping-pong ball."  My kids need their early bed time.  Especially when they get up at 5:45.

One day we did go down to San Antonio to see my grandparents' gravestone.  And then we went to ride a train at a zoo.  The crowds were insane at the zoo but we finally made it to the train.  I guess it was worth it.  The boys really loved it and it was fun to see how happy Cam was about it.

And now we're back home.  We were greeted with thirty degree weather and lots of rain.  But we were ready to come home and see Daddy again.  So now it's back to real life.  Laundry, and dishes, and cooking dinner.  And messy bedrooms that never stay clean.  

Sometimes I can't believe that Brice and I are having a six year wedding anniversary this month and that our baby boy will be 5 and heading to school in a few months.

I try not think about him going to school because when I do I start to panic a little.  Even though he's got so much energy and sometimes drives me crazy with it all, he is a sweet little boy.  I just can't stand the thought of anyone else, whether it be teacher or kid, not appreciating that sweetness. 

Even though he does say poop a lot.  But that's normal, right?

And when he's in school what am I going to do with little Cam-Spam?  I think he will be lost without his big brother.  

Maybe by then little sister will be more interesting. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Olivia is two months already!  And I love taking pictures of her.  And then playing with them.  In fact, I love it so much I have been neglecting the boys all morning.  They did some video gaming.  And some tv watching.  And some wrestling.  But we are in Texas at my parents and its raining outside and there's not much for them to do inside.  So I don't feel too bad about all the brain cell killing video games. 

Little Liv already has quite the personality, I think.  She is fussier than the boys were, and for the first month I thought that she pretty much hated me because if she wasn't eating or sleeping, she was yelling at me.  But then finally she started smiling at me some.  So now I don't feel like she hates me. 

She is killing me though with not being a great sleeper.  I feel exhausted all the time, and am resigned to just always being tired.  I mean, its not normal that as soon as I get behind the wheel of the car, even during the day, I feel like I could fall asleep instantly.  

My sister in law, Summer, made her this hat and I love it.  It's still a teeny bit big and then probably next year when its cold it will be too small so I had to put it on her and get some pictures.  Because its the cutest hat. 

We love having her in our family.  Even Jace is getting over his weird aversion to her hair, and although he still won't willingly touch her, he will put his face close to her and talk to her.  That's progress. 

Cameron can do a pretty good stink eye.

Jace can try to do a stink eye.  But it turns more into a stink face.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

We blessed Olivia on Sunday, March 3rd.  And here are some pics.

I took some on Saturday because right after sacrament the kids and I were heading to Texas with my parents for a couple of weeks.  

I love this one of Livvy looking up and Auntie Sherri looking down.

Pretty Aunt Melanie with the pretty hair that Jace loves.

Papa and his great grand daughter wearing the same gown that he was blessed in. 

Olivia got to be blessed in two special gowns, one passed down from her great grandpa and one that my mother made for her that she can pass down to her babies and grand babies.
On Sunday morning we got ready early so I could take some pictures of Olivia in her gowns.  I'm finding its pretty easy to get ready for things early when you have three homemade alarm clocks that wake you up before six.

Little Liv was a perfect poser for the first few pictures.

I mean really, how cute is that?

When we put on the beautiful gown my madre made she was about done.

But I still made her take more pictures with the rest of the family.  She is going to probably hate cameras and pictures when she's older.

Sometimes I can't believe how blessed Brice and I are to have these three beautiful babies.  So blessed.