Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Much has happened since my last blog post.  So I will catch you up.  First of all, Camers got a much needed haircut.  In fact he's had several.  

We went to Utah for a week to spend time at the Anderson Cabin.  Which Jace and Cameron (and Brice and I) loved.

These two pictures of Cameron are the best pictures taken, I believe.  For obvious reasons.  Thank you Melanie for being at the right place at the right time.  Poor little Camers. 

We met a fierce red dragon and a cuddly cute penguin for Halloween. 

We went to Texas in November and enjoyed time with my family.  And Cameron got his first black eye, courtesy of the very sharp hymn holder spots on the backs of the church pews.  Very dangerous. 

 And we had a very, very Merry Christmas!!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mista Cam can walk!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

 Happy birthday, Mista Cam!!!  Cameron turned one year old on August 4th.  Even though he hasn't been my small baby for a very long time I feel like now that he's a year he's just not my baby anymore.  He got too big too fast.  He is my sweet sweet beautiful boy.  I feel like a horrible mother though because since he's been born we have not had any professional pictures done of him.  Isn't that terrible?  Not that we've done many of Jace but I think we did it at least once.  Poor little Cam will probably hold that one over my head when he gets bigger.  But I've been playing with the editing software on the computer to try to make some cute pics look even cuter (and like maybe they were done by a professional).  Perhaps someday I can get a super nice camera and then they will be better.  I even tried to take him out for a "photo shoot" of his own but the best pictures of him are the ones just taken randomly around the house. 

 For Cam's birthday Jace and I made some birthday crowns for the boys to wear.  I tried to tell Jace that Cameron was the birthday King and that he was just the birthday Prince.  He thought I was telling him that he was a birthday Princess so he kept telling me that he wasn't a girl.  Here's Cam sporting his birthday crown while we ate breakfast.  He didn't keep it on very long. 

Mista Cam decided to start taking a few steps on his birthday.  The longest he can walk is probably six or seven feet before he falls.  However I think mostly he just doesn't want to walk more than that.  He still thinks crawling is just fine. 

I tried to get a good picture of the boys wearing their birthday crowns.  Cameron wouldn't look at the camera.

And then he got mad.

Really mad.

But he cheered up when the cake was brought out.  His cake (courtesy of Auntie Lisa) looked delicious.  While the rest of us dove into a Fun-fetti with rainbow chip frosting, Cam got this fancy-schmancy one. 

He loved his cake and got really mad again when it was time to take it away.

Here some stuff to know about Mista Cam: 

1) He loves food.  He is a good eater and has been since he was born.  In fact, he eats more than Jace sometimes.  Today I gave both the boys dry cereal in the living room and when Cameron finished his he went crawling off in Jace's direction to see if he could steal some from him. 

2) He loves music.  Whenever he hears any he started bopping up and down and shaking his head back and forth.  I love looking at him in the car if the radio is on because he will usually be shaking his head and shoulders to the beat.

3) He has a lot of teeth.  Like eight, I think.  And he's never been really fussy when they've been coming in.

4) He is the happiest baby ever.  He only cries when he sees someone eating and he's not, or when Jace steals his toys and pushes him down.

5) He is the best sleeper ever.  Nap time, bedtime, shopping at Walmart, doesn't matter.  If he has his binky and his blanky he is so so happy.

6)  He can say Daddy.  And Da da.  And Hi.  And Go.  And he's even started to say Andy (although it sounds more like  Ha-hee).  But he won't say ma ma.  Unless he is crying. 

We love our little Cameron!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

I love reading other blogs. Sometimes I waste way too much time doing that. But I often find myself thinking, wow, they are really together. The blog looks cute, the house in the background looks clean (yeah, sometimes I look in the background of pictures to see what I can find), they're doing all these fun creative activities with the kids, and to top it all off, all the children are fully clothed (sometimes I have a hard time finding pictures to use where both the boys are wearing real clothes and not just a diaper and underwear). I wonder how those people do it. So maybe for those out there who feel the same way I do, or maybe just to make myself feel a little better tonight, here is post about chaos and craziness.
I felt like today was a crazy day, though really I guess it probably wasn't too much out of the ordinary. Probably everything is just getting thrown off because I'm working on painting the stupid bathroom, a project I started back in March but kind of put on hold. Because of the strip of wall paper that was taking forever to get off. So since I've been doing that when I have any spare time, other things are getting pushed to the back burner. Like the dishes. And the laundry. And sweeping.

This afternoon after the boys woke up from their naps we hurried to the library to get a CD book for Brice he's been wanting (and asking every day when he gets home, "Did you get my book?") and I forgot that Cameron's little umbrella stroller was in the car at work with Brice. So I had to lug him into the library and carry him around the whole time we were in there. And then of course he pooped. Jace was picking out a video (yes, here I will point out that he was picking out a VIDEO not a book) and so when I told him we had to go the bathroom to change Cameron's diaper he threw a major fit. And the librarians were having some kind of library personnel meeting in the kid area so they all turned to look. I'm struggling to not drop Cameron and the diaper bag in one arm, my legs shaking with the weight of him, and the other arm is holding onto Jace as he flings himself backward screaming, "But my video, my VIDEO!" like I'm trying to kidnap him or something. I dragged him out of the children's section and against my whispered (actually more like hissed) threats about leaving right then, I still let him go back and get his precious video. We still had to find the book for Brice, and honestly having to carry Cameron and my arm feeling like fire was really throwing me off my discipline game.
Once home from the library I put in the precious video for the boys to watch and tried to start dinner. Spaghetti. With no plan of any vegetables or other healthy side dish. Just spaghetti. But the video was not entertaining enough (I should have known better than to let Jace pick out one) so they weren't really watching the video. Instead they were aggravating each other. And as I browned the meat I kept hearing this, "Cameron!! No! Stop it!" followed by a "Da da da da da da da" (pretty much all Camers can say back). Usually after that there would be a thud and then Cameron would start crying.  And then I would yell, "Sit down and watch TV or you're going to time out!" Great parenting skills, I know.  And both of the boys wouldn't stay out of the kitchen so for their safety (but really my sanity) I put up the baby gate (which doubles, don't you know, as a puppy gate. Because that's how we roll).

Here they are shaking the gate and yelling for freedom.  Already partners in crime.  And you can tell that Camers loves every minute of it.

Don't they both look so precious and unannoying? And if you're looking into the background of these pictures let me help you out. It's kind of dark (because the light was off. I thought that might help soothe them) you will see a laundry basket in front of a fan. The fan is on high because we later discovered this evening that something is wrong with the air conditioner and at that time I was sweating profusely. The basket is blocking the fan because Cameron wouldn't stop climbing up trying to grab the rotating blades. There are clothes strewn all over the living room and they were folded but they were in the basket. And Camers thought he would have better luck getting to the fan if he threw them out.

We ate a successful dinner and then I left the boys safely in their chairs to start the bathwater. Jace started yelling for me, saying he was stuck. I thought perhaps he was trying to get down and got stuck. But no that would be too normal. Instead he got his finger stuck in the parmesian cheese lid.

I had to call for reinforcement because no amount of pulling on my part would get it out. I even tried greasing it up and soaking it in cold water to get it to shrink. Granny and Poppy came over to save the day. They finally got it cut off with a razor and finger nail clippers. I probably would have cut off his finger had I tried to do it myself. Blah.

And yes, underwear is the outfit Jace sports anytime he eats spaghetti.  To save clothes from horrible spaghetti sauce stains.

After baths and bedtime Brice came home and we discovered the air conditioner was frozen. And also, just about two minutes ago I decided to investigate the burning smell I was attributing to fireworks from the neighbors. Not fireworks. No no. It's the hard boiled eggs that I started before I began this post. Now it is a burned pan and cracked, useless eggs. Blah. And now I'm noticing a little red sign at the bottom of this page that says, "An error ocurred while saving". So who knows whether this will be published or not.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sometimes when I send Jace with his daddy to go brush teeth and get ready for bed he comes back out like this.  Thanks for that, Daddy.

And also I like these pictures because he as a faint chocolate milk mustache and you can imagine what he might look like in fifteen or so years and he first starts getting facial hair and tries to grow a real mustache.  But it will really look like a "scum-stache".  And I will have to tell him, as a loving mother, to shave it off or risk getting pulled over by the cops alot.

And I love these pictures of Cameron because he is so so happy.  I have a lot of so so happy pictures of him in his high chair.  Perhaps that is because he is the most so so happy when he eats.  He also has a lot of cute pictures in that shirt.  I guess he wears it alot.  Jace wore it alot too.  But he was 18 months at the time.  Cameron is ten and a half months.  Jace better watch out for him someday I guess.   And in the one below Cam looks like has a very hickish top snaggle-tooth.  But it's just a graham cracker.  But don't you want to take those cheeks and just squeeze them so hard?  I do.  But since that might hurt him I just shower him with lots of kisses.  Which he probably hates even more. 

And both the boys are so so happy to be back with Daddy.  As am I. 

The boys and I went to Texas at the end of May for 2 weeks.  First I would like to give a shout out to Brice, who is a wonderful husband who sacrifices being without me and the boys for two weeks so we can visit my family.  I know he gets pretty lonely and bummed when we're gone, espescially when I call saying things like, "Today we went to the pool, you should have seen how much the boys loved it!" I know he wishes he could be with us.  We wish he could be with us too.  Maybe someday when money starts to grow on trees he can go with us on all of our trips.  Until then  we are very very grateful for how hard he works for our family. 

So the boys were really good on the plane ride to Texas.  I was kinda of worried about it, but not really because I had Fluffy.  Fluffy is Jace's new backpack dog. Fluffy is a good friend.  Fluffy is basically a leash.  I got a lot of smiles from strangers as I walked by pushing Cameron's stroller and dragging Jace by his "Fluffy".  They seemed like "knowing" smiles, but I'm sure some of them were probaby smiles of judgement.  But I love Fluffy.  I will never take a plane ride without her again.   

We had to get on two different planes and Jace did the same thing as we boarded each of them.  He walked down the aisle in front of me with his hands out saying, "Tickets, please, tickets please, tickets please," until we made it to our seats.  People laughed and chuckled at this.  "How precious," one woman said.  I wondered how precious she thought it was after the thousandth time he said once were in our seats.  Probaby not so much. 

And I was really proud of Mister Cam because he didn't poop on either flight.  I have many times been the unlucky one who has sat in front of a poopy baby.

Jace above and Camers below are sporting the official "Summer in Texas" outfit.  I would wear this outfit if I could get away with it.  I always forget how hooooooooooot it is.  And this year it's really dry.  A drought, even.  Usually everything isn't ugly and dead until the end of July and August.  Everything was aready ugly and dead and it was only May.  I hope they get some rain soon.

Alot of our time in Texas was spent in the water.  Jace is wearing a floaty called a puddle jumper in the above picture.  I love it.  It doesn't scratch up arms or give him a rash and it doesn't ride up on his chin and it gives him a lot of freedom in the water and holds him up really well.  He can really swim with that thing on.  Cameron discovered he loves to walk around in the water.  But he just needs to learn to walk because he's a chunker and not so easy to walk around with. 

This is something called a splash pad that we went to and I wish they had these on every street corner everywhere.  It was free and had all these different things that spouted out water.  Lots of fountains and buckets that dumped.  The water would shoot out for 90 seconds and then it stopped and the kids could go push a buttom to start it up again.