Thursday, February 27, 2014

I caught these two littles playing cute together and managed to get a few pictures before they saw me.

Uh oh I've been spotted.

Moment over.

It was Cam's turn to be sick yesterday and the night before.  He started throwing up at around 11:00 pm and didn't stop till around 2:00 the next day.  Poor guy.  But luckily he is really good at puking in a bucket and he only got puke all over once.  And it was after he had emptied his stomach of the chunks.  Good job, Cam!

Who will be next?

Please not me, please not me, please not me, please not me, please not me.

My hands are raw from using so much hand sanitizer.

And on a completely different note, my high school friends (who are awesome and I love them) and I were group texting about our kids and about this one really annoying mom friend one of my friend's has. . . you know the kind that uses passive aggressive comments to let you know how amazing she is as a mom and how you're not so much.

Anyway this morning I couldn't help but think of that annoying mom when I was doing the dishes, and Livvy was crawling around the kitchen floor.  And I stepped on a graham cracker. I checked to see if it was crumbled or broken.  It wasn't.  So I kicked it, with my feet, across the kitchen floor to Livvy. And she picked it up and ate it. 

How's that for good parenting?

Then as I stood there and watched her eat it, I wondered, am I really this mom.  Yup, I am.  And I don't even care that she ate it off the floor.  And I'm not even sure how long it had been there.  And it's a normal occurrence for me to sprinkle goldfish crackers on the living room floor when she's playing in there instead of giving them to her in a bowl.  

Because let's face it she's just gonna dump them out.

Also I love how my favorite pictures are always ones that just happen, with out posing or planning or anything.  Like this one of Liv.

It's kind of out of focus and not very sharp if you look at it closely.  But I still love it.  I love her crazy messy hair that is getting thicker and thicker.  And I love her eyebrows that will eventually be one. . . I promise I will show you how to pluck them, sweet girl.

And I love this one of Cam Spam, even though his face is cut off.  I'm not sure what he was in front of that makes for that black background. . . just shadows on the floor maybe?

He was telling me about how he should get to go back to Walmart and get that squishy soccer ball because he was so sick.

So yeah, we went there today.  But the squishy soccer ball was gone.  So he got a squishy basketball instead.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Livvy Loo + a flashlight + black and white equals some really cute pictures.

Unfortunately Miss Liv is under the weather today.  I discovered she is indeed cutting four molars, one on each side of her mouth.  They have all broken through the skin at least in one point.  I'm surprised she hasn't been grumpier than she's been.

And also she has been throwing up all day.

It's been quite the mess.

The first eruption was luckily in the kitchen.  Not so luckily, I was holding her and it was right next to the bottom cabinet that is missing it's door.  So I have quite a few dishes to wash.

The next time it was in her bed and it warranted a desperate bath.  Jace was instructed to sit on the toilet and watch Liv in the inch high water and make sure she didn't fall while I set to cleaning up the chunky mess in her bed.

I said out loud, "Ugh, could this get any worse?"

Yeah, I really said that.  Like some kind of super idiot.  Perhaps I was looking for empathy from my five year old who would have been the only one who could hear me?  Maybe I just felt like being dramatic.

Either way, karma decided to come back and slap me in the face.  Hard.  The words had just escaped my mouth when I heard Jace say, "Ummmm, Mom, I think she's doing her business."

She was indeed.

Since then Liv and I have worked out a pretty good system.  She wears an old t-shirt of the boys and there is a single towel covering her thankfully plastic covered mattress.  So she pukes, I remove the towel, change her shirt, wipe her mouth and whatever else may have been targeted, run a disinfectant wipe over the mattress, put down a clean towel and put her in a clean shirt and give her  a sip of water. I put the Ipad up on the dresser and she watched Super Why and puked every half hour for the last four hours. 

The boys, unsurprisingly, went to bed early.  And now Liv finally fell asleep so hopefully the pukes will subside long enough for her to get some rest.

I hate when my kids get throwing up sick the worst.  Brice says it's because I'm just worried that I'll get it next.  He's mostly right.

But also it's such a mess and you never know when they're going to explode all over everywhere.  Bleh.

So here's to a speedy recovery, sweet baby girl.

And also check out Cam's perch.  It's the only place he can play the kindle where Liv can't reach him.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

This little girl loves to climb into this chair (after she pulls she cushion off, of course) and watch Dora.  Look at her smiley face.  How cute is that?

It's been so nice for Jace to have gone to a full week of school.  Partly because I don't have to feel guilty about a Saturday morning of cartoons and video games.  

Today Livvy has been pretty bratty.  I think maybe she is teething or something.

Although these were from Saturday.  When she was in a better mood.

Monday, February 17, 2014

I took these pictures during the last week that Jace had off of school.  For weather.  Can you believe that?  A whole random week off because of ice and snow.

Livvy is the sweetest.  And even though she is a lot squirmier and yells at me a lot now when I try to take her picture, I still do it.

Look at that crazy hair that was hiding underneath her hat.  When she takes a bath at night and goes to sleep with her hair wet, it gets pretty crazy.

See, she likes to yell at me.

So those were just some random pictures.  And now on to the day of love.

Jace had school on Friday, but they did send them home early because they thought it might get icy.  But really it just rained.  So he came home early because of the rain.  It's getting pretty ridiculous.

Luckily I had decided to go help in his classroom at my normal time, from 9-10, instead of during the party.  Because the party was cancelled.  

However, I did help the kids pass out their valentines while I was there, so they got to bring home their envelopes of goodies.

Which I have no pictures of because by the time Uncle Danny dropped Jace off, his bag was destroyed and most of his candy already demolished

Grandma and Paka sent the kids some goodies that they saw when they woke up that morning.  Cameron carried around the popsicle stick puzzle all day and took his nap with it by his bed.

Also he gets to go stay with Poppy when I help in Jace's class on Fridays, which he loves.  And I bet by looking at his fruit punch mustache you can figure out why.  He gets lots of special treats and fun games when he hangs out with Poppy.

So then I attempted to do something holiday-ish when the Jace got home from school early.  I made some sugar cookies and was going to have the boys help me cut them out and then decorate them. I rarely ever bake anything so I was pretty impressed with the sugar cookies.  The recipe was one that came up when I googled "easiest sugar cookie recipe".  And it was pretty easy.  So they helped cut them out for like two seconds.

And then they just wanted to wrestle.  Which is what they always want to do.  And it mostly drives me crazy.  Sometimes I can ignore it.  But mostly I fly off the handle and go mom crazy on them.

Because the end result of their wrestling is always the same.

Nobody ever listens to me.

And then later on that afternoon, Auntie Lisa called to say she and Lucas were bringing some goodies over. 

So Livvy eagerly awaited their arrival.

And then Auntie Sherri came over, too.  These kiddos are lucky and spoiled.

So that makes it okay that Brice and I usually dish out nothing for holidays that aren't their birthday or Christmas.  We have to even it out right?

And then our guests left, Brice came home and the boys decorated their cookies.  And also got to facetime with Grandma and Paka.

Facetime is awesome.  And also we like ketchup at our house.  But it was just leftover from the dinner of nuggets.  We weren't using it for the cookies.

Livvy ate her cookie and talked to Grandma and Paka.

And basically all she will eat now is nuggets and cookies.

Then the kids went to bed, all hyped up on sugar and candy, and Brice and I watched tv and did nothing.  Pretty nice day.