Monday, August 31, 2015

When she plays

It is a very rare occurence that she will play by herself when the boys are at school.   So when she does I do little celebration dances silently in my room.

And when she doesn't, we entertain ourselves by playing games, watching TV, playing the iPad, reading books, dancing in the kitchen, and lots and lots of play dates.  Thank goodness for friends with kids her age.  Otherwise we would both be going crazy. 


Even though school has started it's still basically summer.  It's hot and humid and icky.  Although actually last week was a week that felt like fall was coming with cooler temperatures (like seventies) and not so much humidity. 

But that's gone.

It's back to hot and humid this week.  Ugh.  Well at least the pool is still open at Granny's and we can head there for swimming fun.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

For no reason

She's just so cute.

She had her two month shots yesterday and then she got a fever.  Well you know how they tell you that if an infant under three months gets a fever over 100.4 it's like an immediate doctor call or visit, right?

So but what about if they just had shots?  Then does it require a visit?  Oh the worrying that comes with having kids. 4 kids in and it still has not gotten any better, and I still find myself making late night calls to the on call doctor just to "make sure" I don't need to be freaking out.

But the cuteness makes it all worth it.

And also, on a side note, Olivia peed at McDonalds today.  The annoying part is that I had just taken her to the bathroom, where she let out a tiny tinkle.  Then I guess she wanted to let the rest out on the floor of the play place.  It looked like she had spilled a huge cup of water, the puddle was that big.  Whoops.

It's possible my friends and I told the McDonald's employee that it was water. . .

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The land

Popa bought some land and now we are working out a way to make "the land" our new home.

We went there last Friday for a weenie roast and I kind of fell in love.

This view for a backyard?  Not too shabby.

We're coming for you, land.  Someday.  So get ready. 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Fairies play games

She randomly likes putting on her fairy wings.  And another thing she likes doing when the boys are in school is dragging me by the hand saying, "I show you" and leading me to the game closet.  Then she points at games until she finally picks one that I'll let her play.

Because like I said, she is the not the most careful little sister.  So we have to pick a game that stands a fighting chance against her destructive ways. 

Sweet brother cuddles

The novelty of school has worn off and I know a little five year old who doesn't want to go.

He misses leisurely days at home, I think, more than anything.  And he's tired and he misses mommy.  Poor little guy. 

BUT.  School is a must, I guess.  So I'll have to shuttle him out the door again this week and hope hope hope that he gets over missing mommy sooner rather than later.

Through the bedroom door

Sometime friends and sometimes not.

Cameron got a lot of cool new Lego sets for his birthday and Liv thinks she wants to play with them all the time.  Usually if she is missing during the day while the boys are in school, I'll discover her in their room sneakily trying to play with their Legos.

They get kind of mad and I don't really blame them.  She's not the most careful little sister in the world.  

Or at all. 

And then my heart exploded

I'm so happy these girls have each other.  The only time I cried when I've found of the gender of my babies is when we found out Annalise was a girl.  I kept telling myself of course we were going to have another boy (just like I did when I was pregnant with Liv) and when the doc told us it was a girl, my true feelings came out, haha.  I cried tears of joy because I desperately wanted another girl and was so so happy we were getting one.  And now these two can be best friends!