Saturday, March 31, 2012

 Today Brice put up the trampoline.  And the boys had a wrestling match on it to celebrate.  I was glad to snap pictures on the sidelines while interjecting my comments like, "Oh careful!" and "Watch out"  and "That's too close to the edge" and other lame things like that.  

Camers was a little leery of the trampoline at first until Brice got on.  Then he joined in the fun and felt no fear.  Which I did not particularly enjoy.  I think I like it much better when there is a little fear there.  Then I have to worry less. 

 This guy watched jealously and tried desperately to get his ball up on the trampoline so someone would throw it for him. He couldn't understand why it just kept falling through the springs.

The wrestling match continued on with poor Andy being ignored.  But I did feel sorry for him so I kicked his ball in between pictures. 

Camers started his own little run-around-the-edge-of-the-trampoline game.  That is when I knew he was too brave.  I kept cringing and leaping towards him, sure he was going to slip and fall.  I think maybe I'm too much of a scaredy cat mom to have a trampoline.

He loved his game.

Meanwhile, Andy finally got his ball up on the trampoline!  

Then Camers really did almost fall off and my persistent nagging prevailed so they played a new game, wherein Cameron was the weapon and Jace was the target.

They had ALOT of fun.  And no one got hurt.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shutterfly was giving away a free 8x8 photobook, so I made an ABC book for the boys, starring them!  I got the idea from pinterest, of course.  A very cute idea, and I think it turned out really cute.  Now we're just anxiously waiting for it to get here.  But until then, we've  been looking at this link alot

So you can look, too, if you want.

Also, sometimes I put my Diet Cokes in the freezer so they can get cold faster and I'm really good about remembering to take them out before they blow.  Except for one day last week.  Look how close this baby came.

I carried it outside like it was a bomb.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

After quite a few clicks of the camera I got this picture of the boys that I love.  

At the Beach!!

Hooray for the beach!!  It was the boys' first visit and they looooved it!  We went to Galveston for just the day and spent about three hours at a beach there.  I underestimated how warm it would be and didn't bring a swim suit, thinking we would just wade in the water a little.  But I was wrong, as I always am when I try to predict the Texas weather.  It was so beautiful and Jace and Camers had no problems getting soaked in the water. Especially Jace.

Camers had fun in the water too for a little while.  

But then it was naptime.  And he got hungry.  And easily found the Doritos.  So he spent the remainder of the time wandering around with a chip in his hand.

 Jace and Grandpa (or Paka or Caca, depending on who is doing the talking) got to work on a gloppy sand mountain wall/castle.  People were very impressed by the finished product and several groups of kids around us were starting to build their own wall/castles as the afternoon progressed.  

I have more pictures but I'll have to post them later, seeing as how I deleted them from my sd card.  Like an idiot.  And now am anxiously waiting for them to be sent to me in the mail on another card.  Luckily I copied them all to my mom's computer before I deleted them.  Super cool, I know.  
But basically, the kids had a blast at the beach.  I mean, can Jace look any happier (and cuter)?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

 Fun at the park with Grandpa

Monday, March 5, 2012

March in Texas = Summer!

One morning Jace discovered he could make a tunnel with his little puzzle squares.  We just so happened to have a little motorized train (his name is Spencer, if you want to get specific) that was perfect for traveling back and forth through the little tunnel.

Jace even generously let 
Camers be the one to 
send the train through.

There goes Spencer!! (And I didn't make that name up.  That's his name from Thomas.)

Cameron thought this was a fabulous game.

Jace, the trusty engineer.

But then, like most things my children touch, the tunnel fell apart.  And Camers was very upset about it.  So while the engineer tried to reconstruct the tunnel, the emotional train driver had a break down.

But despite the screaming in the background, Jace tried hard to stay focused.

But that train driver sure could scream.