Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Mad at me

We went outside yesterday for a little while because the sun was halfway out and it wasn't too cold and it hadn't rained in a couple of day so there weren't as many puddles everywhere.  I told the kids they could ride their bikes in the driveway and alley.  And Liv wanted to go to the road.  Which I did not allow.  So she was mad at me.  She ran away from me to fence.  As far as she is allowed to go.  And she sulked.  And I took pictures of her.  She did not like it. 

In the picture above she is telling me to "Stop it!"  Two things:  am I mean for taking pictures when she's mad?  I don't think so.

And also, it's pretty obvious by her tongue that she's unsuccessfully saying "stop" it.  And she instead is saying "thop" it.  I think she will be spending some time in speech in the future. 

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