Saturday, January 7, 2017

First snow of the season

First snow!  Yay!  The kids went back to school after Christmas break on Wednesday.  And then early Thursday morning is snowed a couple of inches, and so school was cancelled.  It was also cancelled Friday since the sun didn't come out and nothing could melt and the roads refroze Thursday night. 

So the kids bundled up and went outside for like half an hour.  If that.  Not enough snow to make a snowman, plus not good snow for packing.  But enough snow to tromp around in it and throw it a jump in the trampoline with it.  Annalise didn't stay outside very long, especially since she doesn't have snow pants.  The pants Liv was wearing are size 24 months and they still fit her okay.  They could also probably be passed on to Leesie, but since I didn't have any other pants for Liv, I figured Annalise would only be out for a little bit so three layers of cloth pants would be fine for her.  Also sock gloves.

Also my kids can never keep gloves on.  Jace finally didn't have his falling off this year.  Cam still needed me to help him pull them up like every five minutes.  As did Olivia.   Anyway, it was fun.  But now the kids really need to go back to school.  Which shouldn't be a problem since next week calls for RAIN all week.  

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Chris King said...

Pretty, but glad I don't live there!