Thursday, January 5, 2017


The kids were up at about 6:15 on Christmas morning.  Olivia was the first to get up.  I heard her little feet shuffling to the living room, even though we had told them NOT to go into the living room in the morning until we all went in together.  She listens well.  She then quickly came scurrying back though because she saw a huge dark shape next to the front door.  Since it was dark in there she couldn't tell what it was and thought it was possibly Santa, which scared her, I think.  It was her dollhouse :)

So we waited for the boys and then we all trooped in the living room together.  The visitors came straggling out a few minutes later as the kids were looking through their stockings and Olivia was excitedly already playing with her new dollhouse.  

Christmas on a Sunday is always a little weird.  I loved going to church actually and talking and celebrating the Savior's birth in church, but also it's weird to have to like get ready and be somewhere Christmas morning.  Luckily our sacrament is at 10:00, so we had plenty of time to open presents, eat some cinnamon rolls and get ready for church.  

We just had sacrament and then we came home, got changed, and went to Granny and Poppy's for lunch (breakfast) and to open more presents from family.  We played there for awhile and the boys tried out their new motor bike, and then we came home and lounged around, playing games and eating and kind of trying to clean up the monstrous mess that Christmas makes. 

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