Thursday, January 24, 2013

So you know how on Pinterest they have all those super cute baby photos?  So I of course wanted to try a photo shoot with Olivia.  I waited for a day that was finally sunny so there would be some good light, and then I attempted it.

I seriously don't know how people get their babies posed in all those cute, and sometimes weird looking ways.  Like lying on their stomachs with their fists supporting their chin and stuff. . . that was definitely not happening with this photo shoot.

I fed her and then put her partly to sleep and then tried taking some pictures but she was not a fan.  She especially got mad about the bow, I think.

So then I wrapped her up and let her fall into a deeper sleep and tried again.  This time she did much better.  

And she even stayed asleep when I put the giant bow back on.

So those are some cute ones I got.  I took pictures until she started waking up.

And started stretching.  There is nothing cuter than a newborn stretching, I think.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Welcome to the world Olivia Rose!
After 37 weeks and 6 days she has arrived.  She weighed 5 pounds and was 17 inches long and she came out kicking, screaming, and looking for something to eat just like the doctor predicted.   

At around 35 weeks the doctor did an ultrasound to see why I was measuring so small.  When he did he confirmed through her ultrasound measurements that my placenta was being lame and so I had some growth restriction.  So the poor little thing, although done growing all the important parts, was pretty much starving in the womb. I knew she would be small but I was still surprised by exactly how small.  And since like all babies she lost some of her birth weight, she seemed even smaller.  

When we were discharged from the hospital she weighed 4 pounds and 10 ounces.  However, she has been eating like a champ since she emerged and by two weeks old she has gained back her birth weight plus 2 ounces. That was on Thursday, so I bet she weighs even more now. 

My mom was able to stay with me at the hospital while Brice wrestled for the most part with these two at home.  My room had a nice queen sized bed as well as my hospital bed.  I guess the intention was for me to move from the hospital bed to the comfy queen sized bed once I got unhooked from the IV and stuff, but I discovered that with a c-section it was much easier to sleep in the hospital bed since I didn't have to pull myself up into a sitting position and could just move the bed up and down.  So my madre got to enjoy the nice bed. But I'm glad that she had something more comfortable than just a couch to sleep on.

These little video game junkies were too enthralled with whatever they were looking at to even smile for the camera.  

The proud daddy with his little girl.  This was right before we left the hospital.  That headband was a little big and I think I put it on upside down. . . I have a lot to learn about dressing a girl I think.  And this was also at the peak of her jaundice so she looks a little yellow.  

In this picture I'm attempting to show how tiny she looks in her bassinet.  It makes me laugh to remember that I made Cameron sleep in there until he was almost six months and pretty much took up the whole space.   

And this is her cutest little preemie outfit. She is starting to grow out of the preemie stuff now, though she's still a little small for the newborn stuff.  

And also now I need a new name for the blog.  Perhaps "The Princess and the Poop Stains".  That is what Brice calls the boys all the time. . . but that sounds a little harsh I guess.