Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Mini golf

We went to play mini-golf at the little course the YMCA has.  Jace obviously takes instructions well.  That's the face of, "why are you telling me anything?  Don't you know I know everything and nobody needs to tell me anything ever because I know ALL?"

Ha.  And then the next two pictures are funny because hmm, how many people does it take to teach Jace how to hold the putter?  

If he wasn't so stubborn and would take guidance he would have had a much better time and a better game.  We went yesterday just the kids and I after I worked out, and I noticed he was holding the putter the way we had told him too.  And was doing much better.  I wanted to say something.  But I held my tongue.  And said nothing.   

Liv wasn't much into the golfing at all.  So she ran around and got in everyone's way. 

And then they were all done and we left. 

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The Sandall's said...

Good Job holding your tongue! Ive got a boy that is the same way... haha. Still so handsome!!! They are!!!