Sunday, January 8, 2017

Princess make-up

So I didn't plan on having a birthday party for Olivia until a few days before her birthday.  I just thought we would maybe get together at McDonald's with some of the friends that we play with when the boys are in school.  But then I started thinking about how much she would love a princess party, and I decided to just go ahead and invite some friends and throw a simple little party.  It was so fun and it was pretty simple and required very little prep.  Which was great.  And all of our friends helped by bringing things or setting up or cleaning up and we had such a good time!  

I maybe felt a tiny bit bad for doing it during the day when the boys were in school, but then I got over that real quick.  They would not have be interested at all in anything princess and would have instead ran around and destroyed thing.  Pretty sure that's how it would have gone down. 

The first activity was getting all dolled up!  So the girls all wore princess dresses and then and to fix up their faces to look oh so pretty!!

Annalise was thrilled to get to play with her sister's makeup and rub it all over face.  She thought she was so big.  And loved it. 


Diana King said...

It's fun to see all the pics especially when I'm so far from my grandkids and don't get to celebrate with them in person.

The Sandall's said...

Little Lise is looking too big....maybe its just the makeup! How fun!!