Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Thank you Pinterest for something so easy I could actually do it!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

This lady's blog is hilarious.  And this post was especially to fitting to my life.  

Because I will tell you something that you may judge me for but I'm gonna say it anyway.

But to preface, I will just say that Cameron has to pee a lot.  Sooooooo much.  Especially because he's a big drinker (not the heavy stuff, just mostly juice).  And when we're swimming it's like he also inhales gallons of pool water and has to pee pretty much constantly.

When we're swimming at Granny's or somewhere not public, it's usually fine.  He will just take himself to the grass, pull down his swim trunks (although who am I kidding--usually he's just wearing underwear) and pee.  But when we're at a public swimming pool it's a little different.

So we went to one big, really fun pool while we were in Texas and it was just me and the two boys.  And Cameron started inhaling pool water and I guess had a lot of juice, and as a result had to pee like every five minutes.  I'm not even exaggerating.  After I took him (and of course had to drag Jace along) to the bathroom 5 times in twenty minutes, I had had enough. 

So I tried to encourage him to just PEE IN THE POOL.  I know that is terrible.  But really, who hasn't peed in the pool once or twice in their life?  But the boys always can go the bathroom easily when they're swimming at Granny's in the grass so they've never peed in the pool.  Cameron had to go again and we had just gotten back from the bathroom.  So when he announced to me loudly that he had to go, I leaned down and whispered discreetly, "Just pee in the pool, Cam."

But another thing my boys can't do, as well as just pee in the pool like a normal boy, is be discreet.  "I can't pee in the pool, MOM!" he shouted out, with emphasis on the MOM, like even he was judging me for suggesting such a horrible thing.  

We quickly moved away from the group of people we were by to another part of the pool, and I tried it again.  And finally, finally I talked him in to doing it.  I know.  Terrible. 

But, even though I said, "Just be causual, Cam," because of course he should know what that is, he stood there, legs apart, look of concentration on his face, slightly bent forward and frozen.  It was obvious what he was about to do.  And we were surrounded by people.  So I quickly grabbed him by the arms and we moved away from that group of people.  Then as I was dragging him in the water I said, or actually more like hissed, "JUST PEE NOW." 

And he finally just let it loose.  And when he started to loudly announce it, I jumped in before he could get any words out.  

By the end of the our swim time there he was a pro at peeing the pool.  And each time he did it he would raise his eyebrows at me, finally catching on that it was just our little secret.

  He peed in the pool like at least ten other times while we were there.
I don't feel bad about it at all. 

Grandma love.

I love the special relationship these kids get to have with their Grandma.  We don't get to see her alot during the year, but when we do its for a loooooong time.  And they get to be up close and personal with her.

She even gets in the semi-white trash kiddie pool with them.  But she wears more than just her underwear.  Thanks, Grandma.

 She is a beautiful Grandma.  And now she is so happy to have a grand-daughter.  Who is as white as Grandma is not. 

We already miss you, Grandma.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Our 3 week vacation from real life is over.  And now we're back.  Its good to be back home.  And be done with the driving and traveling part of vacation.  Because Saturday we were all pretty tired and zombie like. 

Olivia (who can sit up completely on her own now-woohoo!) was pretty much existing in this state of stupor.  She does not sleep that great in the car anymore.  Every little bump on the road wakes her up and set hers off when she's trying to fall asleep.

And it wouldn't be vacation without this guy getting sick.  And, since he's so thoughtful, he waited till the traveling days to really get into it.  

And Jace introduced me to a level of craziness and uncontrollable energy I didn't know could exist.  Pretty much this whooooole trip.  Perhaps to get me excited for school to start in a week and a half?

But now we're home.  And real life resumes.  Including three phone calls already this morning to figure out a huge bill from Cameron's dentist that awaited me in the huge  pile of mail Brice left me.  I think insurance companies mess up on purpose hoping that people will just pay bills blindly. . . But I do not.  So take that stupid insurance people.  

More to come from Grandma and Paka's house. . . And now back to unpacking. 


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

We are in Texas.

And we didn't come alone.  There was a stow-a-way.  Which I found on Cam's head three days after we left Kentucky.

This guy.

I know, gross right?  I was rubbing his head and felt. . . something.  I hoped and hoped it was a scab but it was a gross tick.  I actually handled it a lot better than I thought I would when this inevitable moment came.  (Because there are many many ticks where we live)

And all I could think was, "Better him than me."  And I don't even feel bad about it.  I imagine that it would take me waaaay too long to find a tick if one got on my head.

So Jace saved up his birthday money and with the help of his daddy picked out a Harry Potter xbox game that the two of them could play together.  He loves the Lego games.  Imagine his excitement when I told him that Uncle Seve had once made two magic wands. . . and they were in his room. . . and that Uncle Seve said the boys could play with them.    

He loves it and has been "spelling" things all over the place.  In fact, one day he said under his breath (when I told him he would have to go lie down for a little bit), "I'm gonna take my wand.  And maybe I'll spell you into a good mom instead of a bad mom."  Ouch.

Grandma and Paka found a little used jeep that of course Cam loves.  And hogs.  But Jace doesn't really mind because he can go faster with his little bike.

Usually when we come to Texas in the summer the intense heat has scorched the grass into looking like the neighbors yard (above).  But my dad has been watering the lawn and so my parents lawn is green and pretty still.

But unfortunately the yard is still plagued with the dreaded fire ant hill. I hate these little fire ants.  And I don't even feel bad to see them hurrying to take the Amdro to their death.  Stupid fire ants.  Their bites really hurt.

The boys love the three dogs that my parents have. 

The golden/yellow/bigger one is named Skeeter.  And I think she is going on 16 years old.  That is insanely old for a dog.  And I think perhaps the majority of the family (maybe excluding Seve on his mission who wants to see her one more time) is ready for her to pass on to greener pastures.  You know, that happy farm where there will be rabbits to chase and bones to eat. . .but she is still as agile, chipper, and alive as ever.  Except for that she is completely deaf. Good old Skeeter.

At a splash pad.  

 I told the boys I would give them a piece of candy if they stood under this thing and waited for it to dump water on them.  Sometimes I get bored.

Also we got a little pool for the boys to splash around in outside.  Mostly in the afternoon during that time when dinner is being cooked and they're both tired and acting insane and its 100 degrees outside. 

 Livvy Liv watching the boys.  With just two eyebrows. . .

Oh wait now she has her uni-brow again.  Silly girl.  She always has the raised eyebrow inquisitive look going on.

 This is Liv's face pretty much whenever Cameron is around.

Also they humored me and did this Thomas puzzle that I got for them at goodwill (there are like tons of goodwills around I love scavenging through them all).  When did they grow out of Thomas?  And how do I make Cameron stay young longer when all he wants to do is be like his big brother?

My sleeping babies.

I love when they sleep.  Because they look so peaceful.  And also because it's quiet.