Sunday, August 31, 2014

Swimming video




There are no portrait shots of just Liv from this particular photo shooting day.

Because she would not take any.

Because she would not sit still for more than two seconds.

And would not look at the camera.

And would not stop running away.

Trying again

Since I didn't feel so confident I had captured anything I would deem "good" in the pictures with the kids by the scene, I made them sit by the garage and try again.

Obviously Livvy had a change of heart.

Oh wait.  No she didn't. 

But the boys were gems and so handsome.

You can see how much they love her on their faces in this picture above.  Even though she is mean to them and pushes them away and won't smile so they have to sit forever and keep smiling in the hopes that perhaps she will smile.  They still love her.

Aaaaaaaand here she is being a smug little. . . well you know.  So happy that she got her way.  Lately she has been infuriating, just FYI.  But you can't be grumpy with her.

I don't know if that's a bad thing or a good thing.  

My little stinkers

So Livvy was not cooperative for pictures with just the three of my kiddos either.  I ended up taking her head off of a picture and adding it to one where the boys looked cute.

Awww look how sweet these little stinkers are.

And then there are these pictures.

See how Liv was just kind of um, being a brat and refusing to look at me and the camera?

Six Little Stinkers

so you know how when you get reeeeally behind in your pictures and then you feel too overwhelmed and then you kind of just put off going through them. . . well that's about where I am. 

HOWEVER.  I love all these pictures.  And all the ones that I've taken over the past month.  And by putting them on this blog I'm ensuring that I'll remember to add them to a yearly photobook.  (of which I'm three years behind in actually printing those photos books but whatever).  Anyway, I will shoulder on.

We had an adorable photo shoot with the cousins.  And Livvy, in particular, was extremely uncooperative.

But first here is the best one I got:

And then here are some not so perfect ones but still cute ones of the six little stinkers being little stinkers. 

I love this one.  It was the last one I took.  Poor Bow.  He was SO DONE. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Happy birthday, Baby Anthony!

Happy birthday to my sweet and adorable nephew!  All the long hours in the car for our road trip to Utah were worth it just to get to see him.  Especially since he is the best one year old cuddler I've ever met!

He has the cutest smile and his little teeth are adorable.

See what I mean about the best cuddles?

He toddled all over Cherry Creek.

Happy birthday, sweet boy! We miss you!