Monday, August 28, 2017


One day after school last week the weather was beautiful, the boys didn't have any homework, and we really had nothing going on, so we went to Audubon park to play and hike on a short little trail they have there.  Also Jace was being so completely crazy and out of control it's a wonder I didn't end up leaving him there.  I think this was Thursday, so he was tired from a week of probably not going to bed as early as he should have, and when he gets tired. .  . the craziness just can't be controlled.

But overall we had a fun time.  Little Leesie handled the short little hike pretty well.  Just another reminder that the kids are getting bigger, and we're pretty much past the baby days.  Bittersweet.  One day in the near future we'll be able to stop buying diapers.  And that thought blows my mind.  Right now I'm home with just Annalise, who is watching Diego and giving me all the quiet time I want.  The other three are in school.

Weird.  Totally weird.  But I do have to pick Olivia up at 10:30.  So it's not weird for too long :)

Monday, August 21, 2017

Fairy princess and little angel fit thrower

Livvy loves to dress up in princess clothes.  So on this particular day she was a fairy princess.  Leesie, on the other hand, doesn't like wearing princess dresses because they are too itchy.  And she also likes to get her way.  And when she does get her way, she is an angel girl. 

But when she doesn't get her hair, she can turn into an angel fit thrower.

Until she gets what she wanted, and then she's fine again.  


Cameron's birthday shin-dig

Cam loved his birthday!  He woke up and got to play a new fun WiiU game from Grandma and Paka, then had a super fun Mario birthday party with his friends, and then got to have cake and ice cream and more presents from the Kentucky family.  All in all, a good birthday for the little Cam Spam.  And now he's the big 7.  I love this sweet little boy of mine!  He is busy at school wrapping his teacher around his finger with that coy little smile of his.  She had mentioned to me more than once how "cute" he is.  He has a way with those lady teachers.  He know how to work it, that's for sure.  

Girls a'swingin

After an entire summer (and entire life, really) of being too afraid to do any swinging, Annalise decided it was time to be a big girl, and like the swings.  However, she is not a big fan of going up really high.  You know that little tickle feeling that your tummy gets when you back up high and then start to come down and forward again?  Well, she HATES that feeling.  The look on her face when she feels it is kinda sad, but also kinda hilarious.  If she swings high enough to get that little tickle, she makes a face like she's in pain and doesn't understand just what is happening to her, and then she screams. 

But you can push her softly for hours :)

Her daredevil sister, on the other hand, wants to go as high as possible. 

The fountains

We managed to make it to the fountains on the riverfront once this summer.  I think it was before we even went to the beach.  The boys were there, too, but they were off running around playing tag with some other kids, so they didn't have time to be bothered by being in any pictures.  But the girls hammed it up for me!