Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I feel like I'm in some sort of post vacation denial.  Or depression.  My brain feels blah.  I want to be blah all day long.

Here is what I don't want to do:

Cleaning the bathroom in anyway
Cleaning the old van so we can sell it
Any kind of organizing
Sorting summer clothes and winter clothes
Any sort of activity that requires too much brain effort
Prepare the lesson for the third hour of church for THIS Sunday (Yikes, I just remembered that)

Here is what I DO want to do:

Look at facebook
Look at Pinterest
Look at Instagram
Look at other blogs
Read easy to read children's novels
Look at Pinterest
Complain about my achy back (probably brought on by lack of doing anything else)
Take unnecessary pictures of my children (okay mostly Olivia)
Play with those pictures

What I gather from these lists is that I need to perhaps go through a serious device detox.

But not yet.  First some pictures.  Mostly of Livvy.  Because she is so easy to take pictures of.

And for no special reason.  Because she will not be nine months for over a week.  And, let's be honest, I'll probably take more pictures of her before then.

She was playing with this board book the other day.  Why have I not been using this like a measuring tool and taking pictures of her every month with it?  Because that would have been too cute.

Is it too late to start?

I found this cute outfit when I started to get out more stored clothes for her.  I realized she might just have a couple of chances left to wear it.  So I had to take pictures, right?  Also, I have yet to finish that project.

She refused to look at me that day.

Another day we were outside again.  And Jace had his hat, which he put on her.  A definite picture moment.  She was enthralled with the dog, who was barking at a cat through the fence.

Today I was forced to leave the house to take something to the post office.  So we stopped at a park.

Liv did not like the grass.

I let her grow accustomed to it until she started to whimper in a sort of "this is really freaking me out, Mom" kinda way.

Then we tried the baby swing, which she loved.

Then Cameron got a turn to swing.

We ran to see a fountain.

And Cameron saved this "drowning leaf".  Which is the color of fall.  Hooray!

And finally, my parents have both had birthdays this past week.  They are amazing parents, and even better grandparents.  We miss them!  Christmas cannot come soon enough!  So here's a happy birthday picture for you!

Friday, September 20, 2013

We had to leave Saturday morning.  Jace and I wanted one last look at the beach.  Because we love it.

So since I was up most of the night with a sick Cameron, it was pretty easy to get down to the beach to see the sunrise.  But the clouds were kind of in the way.  But it was still beautiful.  And peaceful and quiet.  And it was just me and Jace.

So we sat at the edge of where the water was crashing into the sand and watched the sky get lighter and lighter.  We said goodbye to the beach.  Goodbye to the waves and the sand. 

Goodbye to the abundance of cute little frogs.

And goodbye to the awesome swimming pool the kids all loved so much.

Goodbye beach!  We had so much fun with you! 

On Friday night we went to the pier.  When we first pulled up I thought that it didn't actually look like it went very far out into the water, but once we got on there it seemed like it kept going and going.

After about two hundred tries I finally got one shot of the dolphin swimming around at the end of the pier.  

The pier was pretty awesome.
Video time!  (with terrible quality sorry)

Our last day for playing at the beach was perfect (but don't worry, I still have more posts).  The water was perfect, anyway.  It had turned a little less blue than when we had visited that morning to let the crabs go, but it was still very clear.

I forced the kids to take more pictures.  You understand now why they rebelled the day before.

Jace was his chill, lover of the ocean self.

I think all Cameron wanted to do was go back to the house and not move another muscle.

His eyes say it all.

This is the view from our bedroom window.
Troy caught me looking out it forlornly after we came back to the house Friday afternoon.  He told me not to be depressed.

How did he know?