Sunday, January 8, 2017

Princess walk and princess dancing and kissing the frog.

After make up we had a princess walk.  I printed off (or rather Auntie Sherri printed off for me because her work so graciously serves as my printer) a bunch of pictures of all the Disney princesses. I taped them to the floor and then the girls walked around them, like a cake walk.  Then I pulled out a name from the jar (by which I mean I strategically called out a name until each girl won) and the girls got to pick a piece of jewelry to add to their ensemble.  And the of course it's not a princess party without practicing some dancing for the ball. 

And then also I made this poster of this cute little frog prince.  And the girls put on some lipstick, got blindfolded, and then had to kiss the frog!  I didn't take any pictures during it because it was too busy applying dark lipstick to all the little princesses.  But one of my friends reminded me to take a picture of the frog with all their little lip prints.  And she also dug him out of the trash for me since I had already started the clean up process, haha!  I have such good friends and am so thankful for them!

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The Sandall's said...

Loving all the birthday pictures!1 What a fun party!! And thanks for planning my little princesses fourth birthday party! We are totally stealing every one of your ideas!!! Kimi just has to have a party like her favorite Libby, thats what she told me!!!