Sunday, March 26, 2017

Bubble gun

Today after Sunday lunch, Granny pulled out a bubble gun for the kids.  This was, of course, after they begged her for chewy snacks and dessert and more chewy snacks and anything else fun she had for them.  Lucky they have such a patient Granny.  

They had fun running around chasing the bubbles.  Leesie loved it.  And then hated it.  And then loved it.  I'm not sure what she was getting so upset about, but I think it had to do with the fact that the bigger kids kept racing after the bubbles faster than she could.  And also she was exhausted.  Probably mostly that last thing :)

Sisters in the bathtub

Sisters in window light

What have these sisters been up to lately?

Well, they have had a lot of boogers and runny noses.  And Annalise has had a cough on and off and on and off and on again.  Right now she's currently on with the runny nose and cough.  She wakes us up several times throughout the night just coughing away.  She's the kind of cougher who coughs so hard that she makes herself gag.  And occasionally puke.  Jace is also that kind of cougher.  It is not a pleasant sound to wake up to.  

They've both been loving preschool (although I'm fairly certain that's where Annalise keeps getting all these colds from) and I've been loving it, too.  Except for not really, hehe.  I love that they love it, but I don't love having to be there.  With a room full of eight one year olds who all have boogers leaking out of their faces like a leaky faucet.  Yuck.  I'm glad that next year Liv will be going to another preschool (and actual preschool, not just a mother's day out thing) and I will not have to go.  Leesie and I will have lazy lazy mornings after we drop the three older kids off at school.  Liv will only be gone till 10:30 every morning, but I'm looking forward to the one on one time with my littlest love. 

Of course I'm getting ahead of myself.  We still have the rest of this year to get through.  We haven't even gotten to spring break yet.  It will be the first week of April.  If we survive that, I'll be ready for whatever the summer brings our way :)

Friday, March 24, 2017

After the farm after the zoo

On the particular Saturday that we went to the zoo and then the farm, we also got batteries for this little princess power wheel car our neighbors gave us like two years ago.  And it worked!  It goes very very very very slowly.  So Olivia was not too impressed.  She was expecting power like the jeeps at Granny's, and this was not so much like that.  But Annalise was thrilled.  And then equally not thrilled when she had to get out and let sister have another turn. 

We also got fresh batteries for the little battery motorcycle that Cam uses now that Jace has the bigger one to use.  It zooms along pretty speedy now.  However it doesn't last near as long as the gas powered bike.  Which always makes Cameron mad.  Poor little Cam. 

After the zoo

After the zoo we stopped by the farm to see Daddy.  I don't really know why.  There was a reason, but I can't remember now.  Daddy is building a house for someone on the lot next to where our house will be.  So I'm sure the boys will be out there a lot with him this spring and this summer.

I also feel like it's going to be a looooooong spring and summer.  With Brice out there working. . . and me with the kids. . . . 

So yeah.