Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Helping Grandma

This little girl has had quite the adjustment since we've been home from the hospital.  I still think it's crazy how your baby is your baby and seems so small. . . until you bring home a newborn.  Then suddenly the baby is like a giant child.  I remember thinking the same thing when I brought Liv home.  Cam suddenly seemed like a grown up.

It's been soooooo nice having Grandma here to help 24/7.  She and Livvy have quite the adventures together.  Like doing dishes.  And splashing fights while Liv is taking a bath.  Liv is sharing a room with Grandma, too,  

Brice and I always have called Liv "baby girl" and "little girl" and now when we say those things in reference to Annalise, Liv will say, " ME?"  

Maybe we need to call Annalise "little sister".  

So while I was in the hospital Brice texted me and informed me (he stayed home with the kids at night and my mom stayed with me) that Liv had stuck a bead up her nose.  Luckily he was able to get her to blow it out and they didn't have to make a trip to the ER to get it out.  She stuck a battle ship piece up her nose once. . . I couldn't get it out and couldn't get her to blow it out, so we headed to the ER.  By the time we got there though she had had a few sneezing fits (because I'm sure having a battle ship piece up your nose is pretty irritating) and it had traveled down to where I could reach it and pull it out.  Anyway, I digress.

Also since we've been home she's found scissors and shredded Cam's fitted sheet on his bed.  Lovely.

So she's kind of natty.  And into everything.  But loves her little sister at least.  Even if she does throw more fits and cause a lot of mischief.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Annalise Kate!!

Can I just say we had the hardest time figuring out a name for this little princess?

We did.  Although Annalise was always right there in the running, we just weren't sure it was the right name.  But then we couldn't think of anything we liked better. . . so Annalise it is!

And we call her:  Baby

Except for Cam, who always calls her Annalise.  Which is cute.

She arrived on Tuesday, June 9th.  Around 7:45-ish I think.  I could probably go look and see exactly what time she arrived. . . but the odds that once I get up from here I'd actually end back up at the computer are slim to none.  So I'll just guess what time exactly she arrived.

In true diva fashion, she decided to be difficult about coming into the world. My scheduled c-section was set for 9:30 Tuesday morning.  I was supposed to get to the hospital at 7:00.  At 4:00 am, my water broke.  Which was weird.  That's never happened before.  And the funny thing is, I was just talking to my mom the night before about "I wonder how long I would actually stay pregnant if I wasn't having a c-section".  Well, not that long apparently.  This huge little porker wanted out of me.

And okay okay, she was 8 lbs and 9 oz. Which isn't THAT huge.  But she was my biggest baby by a full pound and my belly was HUGE.

So anyway, as I sat on the toilet at four in the morning with water gushing out of me, I called the hospital and they said to come on in then and not wait till seven.  So I stuck one of Livvy's diapers in my underwear and off we went.  They checked me once I got settled and I was 0 cm dilated.  Nothing.  Nada.  No signs of baby girl pushing her way out of there.  So they said they would probably just keep the same c-section time.  But then I guess her heart rate starting dropping with each contraction so they said nevermind, we'll do you first.  Which is how I ended up getting to have her two hours early.  I'd been begging her to come early.  And she obliged by a mere two hours.  Stinker.

This is me while we were waiting for the doc to get there so they could whisk me away to the OR.  Don't I look excited.  Actually I was probably just sitting there feeling super uncomfortable because I kept feeling like I was peeing all over myself. 

Getting her out of me was not an easy task.  After they gave me the spinal block I got really nauseous and started throwing up.  Luckily they have that no eating rule so I was just throwing up stomach bile junk and not food.  Then the actual cutting me open and trying to get her out part started and it took SO long for them to get her out.  Longer than any of the others.  

And when your doctor says, "Okay you're about to feel alot of pressure" that's code for, "Okay now it's going to feel like we're trying to crush you from the inside out, but don't worry you're not going to die."

But my body didn't get the "you're not going to die" memo and I kept throwing up, probably more out of panic than anything else.

Apparently baby girl was laying sideways in me, instead of head down, so they had to turn her around before they could pull her out.  That's when I felt like I was going to die.

But anyway.  They finally got her out.  And then I got to see her and hear her cry and oh she was so precious.  Then I continued to throw up so I finally asked the anesthesiologist to put me out of my misery and he sedated me for the time it took to tie my tubes (yup) and sew me up.

After we got settled Brice went to pick up the kids and bring them to see their new little sister.  I love how proud and excited Cam looks.

Livvy loved seeing her baby sister too and when she was holding her with Daddy she kept telling Coggy (how she says Cameron) to get away from "her" baby.

And obviously Jace cared a lot. . .hahaha.  He discovered minecraft on Grandma's iPad so he had more interesting things to think about I guess.

Also proof that I was there.  Feeling pretty out of it.  But still on the major drugs so not in too much pain yet.  I really need to be better at getting in pictures.

They came back the next day to see us again.

Oh Jace.

I could really only handle all the kids visiting for about five minutes and then I was done.  Which is why I stayed as long as I could at the hospital.  Even though I'm pretty sure the hospital staff was thinking "man, she's STILL here?"  I didn't care.  Muahahaha. 

I took some pictures of sweet baby Annalise on Thursday at the hospital.  I was kind of surprised at how difficult it was to hold the big camera steady without using your stomach muscles.  Good thing I had preemptively loaded up on the pain pills.

She is so sweet and precouis and we love her so much!  And I'm so glad to have her out of me.