Tuesday, August 16, 2011

 Happy birthday, Mista Cam!!!  Cameron turned one year old on August 4th.  Even though he hasn't been my small baby for a very long time I feel like now that he's a year he's just not my baby anymore.  He got too big too fast.  He is my sweet sweet beautiful boy.  I feel like a horrible mother though because since he's been born we have not had any professional pictures done of him.  Isn't that terrible?  Not that we've done many of Jace but I think we did it at least once.  Poor little Cam will probably hold that one over my head when he gets bigger.  But I've been playing with the editing software on the computer to try to make some cute pics look even cuter (and like maybe they were done by a professional).  Perhaps someday I can get a super nice camera and then they will be better.  I even tried to take him out for a "photo shoot" of his own but the best pictures of him are the ones just taken randomly around the house. 

 For Cam's birthday Jace and I made some birthday crowns for the boys to wear.  I tried to tell Jace that Cameron was the birthday King and that he was just the birthday Prince.  He thought I was telling him that he was a birthday Princess so he kept telling me that he wasn't a girl.  Here's Cam sporting his birthday crown while we ate breakfast.  He didn't keep it on very long. 

Mista Cam decided to start taking a few steps on his birthday.  The longest he can walk is probably six or seven feet before he falls.  However I think mostly he just doesn't want to walk more than that.  He still thinks crawling is just fine. 

I tried to get a good picture of the boys wearing their birthday crowns.  Cameron wouldn't look at the camera.

And then he got mad.

Really mad.

But he cheered up when the cake was brought out.  His cake (courtesy of Auntie Lisa) looked delicious.  While the rest of us dove into a Fun-fetti with rainbow chip frosting, Cam got this fancy-schmancy one. 

He loved his cake and got really mad again when it was time to take it away.

Here some stuff to know about Mista Cam: 

1) He loves food.  He is a good eater and has been since he was born.  In fact, he eats more than Jace sometimes.  Today I gave both the boys dry cereal in the living room and when Cameron finished his he went crawling off in Jace's direction to see if he could steal some from him. 

2) He loves music.  Whenever he hears any he started bopping up and down and shaking his head back and forth.  I love looking at him in the car if the radio is on because he will usually be shaking his head and shoulders to the beat.

3) He has a lot of teeth.  Like eight, I think.  And he's never been really fussy when they've been coming in.

4) He is the happiest baby ever.  He only cries when he sees someone eating and he's not, or when Jace steals his toys and pushes him down.

5) He is the best sleeper ever.  Nap time, bedtime, shopping at Walmart, doesn't matter.  If he has his binky and his blanky he is so so happy.

6)  He can say Daddy.  And Da da.  And Hi.  And Go.  And he's even started to say Andy (although it sounds more like  Ha-hee).  But he won't say ma ma.  Unless he is crying. 

We love our little Cameron!