Tuesday, January 3, 2017

An outing

We also went with Seve and my dad after the mini golf to the little Christmas village park they have set up in town.  It was super muddy and I'm sure everyone there was annoyed with my constant yell of "stay out of the mud!" to the kids.  Like all the strangers probably wanted to strangle me.  But it was so muddy. And they just tromp right through it and get mud all over their clothes and shoes and then all over the van.  And it's gross and dirty.

But anyway.  It was pleasant, aside from the mud.  And in the last two pictures, I told them to all smile and Jace did NOT want to be in a picture.  But then I threatened him with losing gaming privileges for the rest of the day and he turned real cooperative real quick. 

Today as I'm catching up on some of these and also attempting to start making the 2016 blog book, the boys are having one last binge day of playing their new video games.  And I'm ignoring them basically and letting them run wild.  Like right now they're wrestling all over the place.  I keep hearing thuds.  But nothing sounds super serious.  And I just have one more afternoon to get through. One more.  And then they can go back to school.   YAY.

Jace will be going through a serious video game withdrawal since he'll go back to no video games during the week when school starts up again.  

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