Monday, September 28, 2015


On Saturday Brice and the men helped out at the old farm house for Danny and Sherri.  They basically demolished the inside of it.  Then Danny grilled some burger and hot dogs for the workers.  And the rest of us, too. 

I brought the kids over around lunch time.

Seriously, though, with those neon shirts. . . 

Naturally the kids couldn't be wrangled in long enough to really eat anything.

And the "older kid" had to be called in from the tractor work.

Then Liv investigated an empy trash barrel.  Which was hopefully empty.

And did some tractor driving.

And some trailer playing.

Then we went on a walk into the path through the woods to the big oak tree at the end of the propety.

Cameron swam through some kind of plant that left these sticky little tiny bits all over his clothes.  None of the rest of us had any but he was covered.  So who knows where he was wandering.

Jace spied a low tree branch.  He kept pulling it back and calling Cam to come over and stand by it.

Cam was too smart for that.  Nice try, Jace.

And ealier Cam had wanted to go inside the house, which was covered with dust, and dirt and tore up walls and old nasty carpets.  So he was only allowed in with a mask on, because of his allergies and asthma.

He then proceeded to wear the mask for the rest of the afternoon.

Not too shabby of a Saturday :)

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Waking up is hard to do

They say that waking up is hard to do,
and now I know, I know that's it's true.

You know.  Like that oldies song.  Breaking up is hard to do.  But "waking up".  See, I'm clever like that.


I mean really.  She's just the cutest.

Baby big girl bed and TV watching

We moved baby Annalise out of the bassinet in our room and into the crib in Livvy's room.  Although I guess now it's technically "the girls" room.  She was getting a little too squished in the bassinet and kept kicking and pushing on the sides all night long.  So out she had to go.

Although I'm missing her being in the bassinet.  It was so easy to just reach over and put that darn passi back in her mouth.  Now I have to get up and and walk into their room, search for the passi, and then put it back in.  And she's likely to just spit it out immediately again so I have to stand there and hold her arms and let her feel my hand on her chest until she drifts off again.  There have been some sleepless nights around these parts, as of late.  Sleepless for me, that is.  I usually give up around three or four in the morning and take her to bed with me.  But I don't sleep good with her in bed with me anyway.  So its like a lose/lose.  Oh well. 

And then Liv watching TV.  I promise she doesn't just always watch TV.  But boy was she in to whatever she was watching.

Pretty evening light

She's quite the character, this girl.

Just around the house

So lately I've been taking a lot of pictures on my phone.  Because its just soooo easy to have that out and then edit and upload to Instagram, and therefore a chatbook, all right there on my phone.  

My poor big camera has been feeling some neglect.  So I got her out the other day.  Jace was gone helping Brice and Lise was napping.  Cameron and Livvy were just watching TV and playing with Legos.  Boring.

But I dusted off the old girl anyway.

I will try to get her out more often.  Especially since I've been toying with the idea of making a photography blog and website and seeing if I maybe could get a few paying gigs here and there.  Because, let's be honest, we need some money.  Like for playing around and getting things that aren't in the "needed" category of life.  Like a new computer monitor.  And maybe a new computer.  And my blog books that I've finally made and are now waiting to be printed.  When I get that extra cash. 

But it's kind of daunting to think about doing that.  And I'm not very brave.  But maybe I'll try to be brave.  And just do it.  I mean, what's the worst that could happen, right?