Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Still Utah

So we're well into August and I'm still going through my July pictures.  We're even like almost done with August.  How did that happen?  The boys have been in school for almost three weeks.  And the Spam has already been home sick for a day.

The girls are currently napping.  Annalise for the second time today.  But she's not really asleep yet.  I  can hear her in there kind of whining.  But Liv is not making any response to the whining, so I'm guessing that she's asleep.  Which is good, because we have to all go to cub scouts tonight.  Which is in Evansville.  Because Jace is old enough to do scouts with the church, but we don't have any other boys his age in our branch, plus I don't want to be in charge of scouts.  Therefore we are bumming off of the Newberg ward.  Which some other wards bum off of them, too.  

Anyway, Brice has his class tonight that he actually has to go to the college for.  It's a Wednesday class.  So that basically sucks because that means I'll have to take all the kids with me to cub scouts every time.


The boys will be home any minute.  And then I guess I'll get Annalise up.  Although I really wanted her to take two naps today.  Because we'll be out late.  And she'll be a whiny monster.  Oh well.

So anyway, these pictures are a few final pictures from the good camera of us in Utah.  Some cousin pictures, some Grandma and Paka pictures, and some pictures of a little game of bocci ball that we played.  Which ended when Jace threw the bocci ball over the fence and he and Spencer had to walk around the block to go get it back.  But they caught some Pokemon along the way, so it wasn't all for naught.

Anthony was so sick the last few days we were there.   He had a really high fever. None of my kids got it.  Which makes me think they were probably the ones who gave it to him.  It was sad to see his little personality so subdued, when he is usually just full of spunk and energy.  But he got better.  When we left, haha.  Poor buddy.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Provo City Center Temple

We left Fairview Tuesday after lunch and then met my parents at the Provo City Center Temple.  It was beautiful.  But also hot.  We took some pictures there and then headed up to BYU.  I can't believe how much its the same, and yet different.  There are so many new building and new things, but yet the feeling I get when I'm there is just the same.

Best university in the world.

Just saying.

Being there brings back so many memories.   Memories of roommates and fun times and classes and old jobs.  It makes me so happy and then a little sad at the same time.  Because those good times are over.  Not that I'm not having different good times now.  But you know. Nostalgia. 

Then after we were done looking around campus we went back up to Salt Lake.  And I was driving with all the kids and Seve, and I took a super long detour to drive past our old house in American Fork.  It looked exactly the same.  Same crappy yard.  And same old house.  Funny that that hasn't changed.  Also funny to think that we lived there.  It feels like forever ago.

Great Grandma Anderson

We drove back to Utah Saturday afternoon.  Then Sunday we drove down to Salem where Aunt Eva was giving her homecoming talk.  And we played with cousins and second cousins there for the day.  Then we drove back up to Salt Lake to Spencers.

Then on Monday the kids and I packed up, with Seve, and went down to Fairview for the day and night.  So much driving.  But it was so worth it.  We haven't see Great Grandma Anderson in way too many years.  And now that all of my own grandparents are gone, taking every chance I can to let the kids know their great grandparents is important to me.   So we hung out with Grandma at her house.  We played in the water, bothered her sheep and turkey, picked flowers (whoops) from her garden, ate some good food, and visited with some other family members.  It was so good to see her.

Some pictures that are on my phone include visiting the museum where we saw the wooly mammoth skeleton and the big indian bowl that Poppy found with his sister, Peggy.  And also we visited two parks that Fairview has.  And walked around the streets and saw where Granny and Poppy used to live with Brice, Emily, and Troy before they moved back to Kentucky.