Friday, August 30, 2013

Princess Livvy Loo is an eight month old snaggle tooth!

I'm guessing she will be able to do the stink eye with no problem on demand pretty soon. 

She is still an angel baby.  

She squirms around when she's on the floor, but no crawling yet.

She says, "Ga ga ga ga ga" a lot.

She will sometimes eat table food.  And then sometimes she will force herself to gag and then throw up.

She still poops nine times out of ten when she is in her car seat.

She loves being around her brothers more than anything.

She still likes to cuddle with me.

She is still an avid thumb sucker.

She is precious.

8 more sleeps, 8 more sleeps, 8 more sleeps, 8 more sleeps. . . 8 more sleeps, 8 more sleeps, 8 more sleeps.

I did see this though.

Haha.  Cameron will be the sand in the eyes kid.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

I am a firm believer that naptime is not chore time.  Unless I feel like doing chores.  Which happens. . . never.  

And Cam and Livvy are napping.  Yessssss.

So we signed Jace up for soccer at the YMCA.  Because it's not very expensive.  And because we want him to perhaps develop a competitive spirit and enjoy playing sports.  And he likes playing soccer in the yard with me and Cameron.  And he's older now then when he played basketball.

In case you forgot the basketball experience, let me give you a recap.

So although he enjoyed it, he was not really that into it. 

He did a little better with soccer.  Emphasis on the little

He definitely had fun.  And ran around the vicinity of the ball.

When they were practicing for the first thirty minutes, they got in a line and the coach told them to "dribble" the ball to the person they were standing across from.

Jace picked the ball up and dribbled it like a basketball.  Awesome.

Also during the game one of his teammates threw the ball in from out of bounds and nailed Jace directly in the head.  Which interrupted his song.  We kind of laughed, but he didn't see us.  And he didn't cry.  Good job, buddy.

Livvy was content to sit in her stroller and chew on the strap.

While Cameron threw a pretty serious fit because he wanted to play.  Honestly, part of me thinks that Cameron would love playing more than Jace, but I don't think he would be okay with the playing with random people that he doesn't know part.  And not having me right there with him.  Because he can't even stay in nursery without me.  Which is fine since I'm the nursery leader for now.  But me being in there is ruining him, I think.

He just whined, pawed at me, and cried the entire time.  Poor baby.  

I was kind of thinking that Jace would have a chance to be more involved with soccer than basketball, but I don't think that will be the case.  Because its just volunteer coaches and not like a super serious league, the kids don't really learn anything about actually playing soccer.  They just run around like  a swarm of bees chasing the ball.  And on Jace's team there are two really aggressive players who kicked the ball the ENTIRE time.  And no one else did. 

On the bright side one of those aggressive players is actually also named Jace.  And he scored like three times.  And his family yelled "Go Jace!"  A LOT.  And I'm pretty sure Jace thought they were yelling for him.  And that's okay. However it did deter me from yelling out, "JACE, quit playing with your shirt!" And that's okay, too. 

So Jacey boy had fun.  And got a lot of exericse.  And got to kick the ball during practice. So that's pretty good, I guess.

And Livvy Loo is a sweetheart.  

I thought that it would be hard for Cam Spam when Jace went to school.  

I was wrong.

I think he really enjoys having some quality time with his good old madre.  Like on Monday he was my shopping buddy.  We left Olivia with GG and Papa, and Cam and I spent about three hours in Evansville.  Hitting up the stores.  And of course whats not to like about shopping alone with mommy.  She will buy you lots of stuff. 

Like stickers from Hobby Lobby.  And stuff from the dollar section at Target.  And popcorn.  And a slurpee.  And then you get to go out to lunch with her.  With stickers all over your face that you refuse to remove.  Pretty nice life for a three year old. 

He does, however, have a difficult time when Jace gets home.  It's hard to lose all the attention I guess. 
Jace got a blue card yesterday!!  Good job, buddy!

And in case you were wondering, here is the card order.

And apparently you get three verbal reminders and warnings before each card change.

Blue-- Excellent day
Orange-- Good day
Green-- I had some trouble
Yellow- Difficult day
Red-- Infraction, horrible, no good, lousy and very very very bad day.  

No it doesn't really say that on the red card.  But it may as well.  If you get a red card you don't get popcorn on popcorn Friday.  And you have to call your mom.  Please no red card, Jace.  

He got a yellow on his second day of school.  Yikes.  Then two blues.  Then straight green.  Until yesterday.  So perhaps me making him practice sitting in a tape square on the floor for fifteen minutes and do nothing but keep his hands in his lap and discuss his life with me was soooooo painful, he definitely doesn't want to do it again.  

For awhile, anyway. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dear Jace,

Please stop tickling kids in your class.

Please stop touching kids in your class.

Please stop messing with your teacher's stuff around the room.

Please stop taking your shoes on and off during carpet time.

Please stop having to miss 5 minutes of recess every day.

Thank you.

And that being said. . .  at least he is tickling and not punching or hitting.

And at least he has friends he comes home and talks about.  

At least he still likes school regardless of having to miss five minutes of recess every day.

At least he misses five minutes with his new friend, Aiden Bugg or Aiden B. (Still not sure whether that is the same kid or two different kids)

Perhaps today will be the day when he comes home with a card higher than green?  

Summer has returned in these here parts.

So Livvy finally got to go swimming in Granny's pool.

Really though ever since we got back from Texas it has been unseasonably not hot.  Except for the last week. Summer came back with a vengeance.  And will back this week, too.

But now that Jace is in school we can't really enjoy the hot as much.  We tried going swimming last week one evening after school.  We were going to meet Brice there.  But we got there at 5:00 and he wasn't going to be there till 6:30.  So after one hour I had had all I could take of swimming.  So we couldn't wait for daddy.  Swimming will have to be just a Saturday thing.  And we have one more Saturday for swimming. . .and then it's beach time!! (Calm down, Emily)

Also I have these pictures from swimming at the hotel pool when Cody got married.

You may be asking yourself, won't Cameron get a face full of water with that jump?

Why yes, yes he will.

Also, this last sequence was a close call.  Oh Jace, you were so close to getting your butt spanked-- oh I mean, a time out. . .

Friday, August 23, 2013

I almost forgot about these pictures from Texas.  We went for one night to Dallas to visit my old friend Jillane. 

And by old I do not mean that she is old.  I mean she is one of my oldest friends.  We've known each other since we were 14 and 15.  We were roommates at BYU together.  And we're still keeping it real.  With our crew of kiddos.

And seriously Jillane is the most awesome person ever.  And I wish I lived closer to her. Especially because our kids got along so well and had so much fun together.  

And these two cuties are potential best friends forever.


We went to this sand play ground that was also near a splash pad.  It was perfect.  And it was overcast and a little sprinkly.  Even more perfect.  We were the only ones there. 

Cam, though, has a problem with sand.  In that he cannot keep it away from his eyes.  So that should be fun when we go to the beach in a few weeks.

When we left Dallas Jace said that Sierra was his best girl friend.  Only he calls her something different every time he says her name.  

Look at this crew of boys.  Trouble.  That is what they are.  

And one more shot of complete cuteness.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

When we got back from St. Louis I got hit with the full blown head cold that had been on the verge of ruining the weekend.  Thankfully the cold lingered at just a little annoying on Saturday and Sunday.  But morning Monday I woke up and felt terrible. 

So the house is currently a disaster.  There are mountains of laundry, mountains of dirty diapers in Walmart bags sitting by the front door (Brice dropped the ball on taking them out to dumpster on his way off to work), crumbs all over the living room floor from the fifteen or so poptarts Cam has eaten over the past few days. . . and yet here I sit at the computer.  Because I know my fans await pictures from the wedding.  And by fans, I mean YOU, EMILY.  Don't act like you haven't checked ten times already to see if they're up.  :)

So here we go.  (And after this I vow to clean the house for 1 hour.  And then I will resume my feeling sorry for myself sick week.) 

Say What?  Wrong wedding.  :)

But remember?  Little Cogy?

Okay here we go for reals.

Great Grandma Anderson came from Utah and it was so good to see her.  The boys and I have seen her every year since we've moved from Utah, except not this year because we couldn't go out there this summer.  So we're really glad we got to see her.

Livvy and Papa before the wedding.

Kim (aka Granny) is the master of putting together cute outfits.  And I let her.  Because I am not.  The kids looked so cute because of her.  Thanks, Granny!

Through several tries we got the best family picture we've taken, and probably the best we'll ever take.  

Auntie Sherri and Uncle Danny look pretty good, too. 

Livvy Loo was exhausted.  But did not cry.  Because she is an angel baby.

When Cody and Alyssa came out I didn't get too many picture of the two of them.  Or any actually.  I was too afraid of getting in the way of the actual photographer and ruining pictures with my not so small head.

Cam and Jace found ways to entertain themselves.  I later commented to Brice that they were "really good".  To which he responded, somewhat bitterly, "Yeah that's cause you weren't the one dealing with them."  Oh well.

Livvy Loo finally gave in to her exhaustion.  She hardly ever just falls asleep without a wrestling match.  So that's how tired she was.

 So those are my favorite post worthy pics.  Melanie, I need to see your pics now please and thank you.

And now to tackle some cleaning.  Ugh.