Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Christmas Eve

I usually edit each of my pictures individually.  I like for them to look pretty.  And I enjoy it.  However.  These pictures were taken in our house that has terrible lighting and there is really nothing I can do to make them look "pretty".  So I decided to just save myself a lot of time and not worry about how these pictures looked, but think more of what they are.  Which is a recording of our super awesome Nativity story and Christmas carol singing on Christmas Eve. 

We didn't go anywhere Christmas Eve day.  We hung at home and played games and watched movies and ate food.  I think.  I'm pretty sure.  Oh wait, no we did go to the park and ride bikes because it was sunny and not too cold.  And I took my camera, but I forgot that the SD card was out of it, and so it was useless and I don't even think I had my phone with me.  But that was fun and the boys were riding fast and hard and little Livvy pedaled around with her little legs and we kept up with her walking.  Annalise enjoyed her stroller ride for the most part until she got bored and then wanted to get out and walk.

Anyway then after dinner we did a little Nativity reading and acting out.   Paka read from Luke for us. 

Annalise got ready to perform her star role as the angel.  Seve was the donkey and carried Mary in on his back while Joseph walked beside him.  The costumes will probably get mentioned in the Oscars for "best use of towels".

Brice was the innkeeper.  And he did a good job of sitting in his chair and shaking his head "no" when Mary and Joseph went to stand by him. 

Seve was also a shepherd.  A donkey/shepherd.  And he sat by the little star that Cam made and his flock (the sheep that Jace made and were taped to the wall) and waited for the angel to come declare tidings of great joy.

And off she went.  And I was surprised and pleased she walked over to him, because it was hit and miss with Seve the whole time they were here.  Sometimes she likes him.  Sometimes she did not.  This night she did.  She went and told him the joyous news. 

And then came walking back to me, super proud because we were all cheering her on.  And she also carried a baby.  Not THE special baby.  Just another random doll. 

Jace was a Wiseman.  Can't you tell?

Then after the Christmas story we sang some Christmas carols.  And the kids sang reverently at first.  And then we sang some more "fun" Christmas songs. 

And things got real rowdy (with an occasional bit of Annalise laying down?) real quick.  After the boys melted during Once There was  Snowman, we called it quits.  Then we got ready for bed and cuddled up on the couch to watch a couple short little Christmas shows.  And then it was time for sleep so Santa could come!!

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The Sandall's said...

What a sweet, cute little nativity!!