Thursday, January 29, 2015

A sick mess

She's been a sick mess the last couple of days.  Boogers boogers EVERYWHERE.  I can't keep them contained.  Well, I did kind of okay for the first two days but today. . . she kind of just left a slimy trail of snot everywhere she went. (also I love the crib and it's evidence of three separate teething toddlers going to town on it)

When I got her up from her nap her pajamas were drenched in boogers and apparently she'd had enough of that.  So she stripped down to her diaper.  Poor baby girl.

Here's hoping that Tylenol and Vicks vapor rub will knock her out and let her get a little bit of sleep tonight.  And by her I mean me. . .

Monday, January 26, 2015

A sunny day in January

Jace didn't have school on Martin Luther King Day.  And not only was it sunny, but it was also a lot warmer than it has been lately.  And I didn't feel like complete crap!!!

So to celebrate the sun and the warmth (like 50 degrees) and my feeling decent, we went to the Audubon Park. We need to go there more often because it's kind of like being in the mountains because of all the trees and wooded area.  

The kids wanted to hike and as we hiked along Jace said, "Hey, I'm pretending we're at Cherry Creek!"

Jace always walked as far away from us as he could.  And asked us why we were "chickens" for not following his harder ways of walking.  And then when I said it was time to go back he asked why I was such a scaredy cat. 

Oh this age of his is so pleasant.

Once last summer. . .

I found these pictures when I uploaded an SD card that I haven't used in a while.

One of Liv's favorite things to do last summer was belly swing on our old (almost decrepit) swing set.  She loved it!  Except for when she would accidentally lean too far forward and fall face first into the grass.  Then she would cry angry tears at the swing who obviously betrayed her.  And then hop back on for more.

Also I miss summer so much.  Please hurry up and get here again.

Olivia Rose turned 2!

Remember when I used to take like a photo shoot of this girl every month??  

Yeah not so much anymore.  Because she is squirmy and wild and crazy and then also because I'm lazy.

We had a simple little birthday celebration for Miss Livvy.  She loved her presents and her cupcakes and the video of us singing to her is SOOO cute.  She looks so proud that it's her special day.

Now when you ask her how old she is she will say proudly, "I TWO!"  Although sometimes she says, "I SIX!" first.  Then I have to say, no no no silly.

She loves her brothers and really has a special little bond with Coggy (Cameron) going strong.  She loves Jace, too.  But in small amounts.  Because he's Jace.  And his number one favorite thing to do is aggravate her.  

She talks nonstop.  Some of what she says is real stuff, and some is just nonsense words.  Although I think the "real stuff" is starting to take over the nonsense stuff.  She loves going places and she loves baths.  She does not really like taking the time to eat real food.  Although she will eat junk food at any time or place.

She's the best little two year old.  I love her an insane amount.  We all do. 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Half way normal

This little lady turned 2 yesterday.  Although these pictures were taken back at the beginning of October.  I attempted to feel normal and take random pictures and it lasted about two minutes and then I was back in my bed.  Then I got the camera out out of obligation for Halloween and then it has been sitting on the shelf up till yesterday.

I actually took pictures of Liv's birthday.  Yay me.  Although I repeat, these are just random pictures.

And also I took no pictures of Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years.  But they all happened.  And now I only have Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, and Memorial Day to get through till this bun comes out of the oven and I feel like my normal self again. 

But I feel half way normal now at least.  So I'm hoping that those upcoming holidays will be documented.


Halloween came and went.  It was bitter cold because of the wind.  Liv was going to be a cute little lady bug but then we decided to put her in this cute penguin suit Grandma made for Cam when he was her age.  It was much warmer.  I took these pictures and then went inside Sherri and Danny's house until they were all frozen from the wind and had baskets full of candy.

The boys sported store bought costumes all the way.  I was definitely not up for making their costumes AT ALL.  But they loved them so it was a win/win.

Catching up. . . kind of

Once upon a time we went to a pumpkin patch.  And then a week later I was five weeks pregnant and morning sickness hit and I put my camera away and curled up in a fetal position on my bed for a long long long time.

I've recently begun to uncurl.  And when I went looking for pictures so I could "catch up" it's sad to say that there are not very many.

And my fingers feel clumsy typing this.  Because they haven't done this typing thing in a long time.

This was Liv's first time at a pumpkin patch.  That's why most of the pictures are of her. . . :)

Also she loved her little pumpkin and carried it around with her for the next week until it had to be hidden and then trashed.  She called it her "monkey".