Sunday, November 29, 2009

A growing addiction and a new hobby

If he's not sleeping with his soccer ball (or any ball for that matter) he might just be drumming away.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

What did Jace learn?

When we went to Texas Jace learned that Texas in November is much like June in Utah. And mommy learned never to underestimate how warm it might be in November in Texas and to pack shorts.
Jace learned that his mommy is sometimes kind of lazy.

And that he cannot push the car with his mommy in it. But he can push it when it is empty.

And that sometimes there are random statues of hippos. Mostly just in Hutto, a town devoted to Hippos. Since they are the Hutto Hippos.

And that in Texas he has super cool fluffy hair.

And that Uncle Seve's shoes are much too big for him.

And that if you run away from Grandpa, he will chase you. But he cannot chase you very fast, especially since he recently had knee surgery. But Grandpa will try to chase you fast. And then Mommy and Grandma will say to eachother, "He is going to hurt that knee." But that won't stop Grandpa.

And that Uncle Randall has an easy name to say.

And that all he has to do is flash one of his super cute smiles and Grandma will give him cheetos and whoppers and whatever else he wants. Mommy will also learn the same trick. Only she will use her powers over Grandma when it's time to change Jace's diaper.

And finally he learned that in the warm state of Texas, he has a grandma and grandpa and uncles that love him. And he cannot wait to visit them again! And that's not just because of the cheetos.

One October Night

One October night, there was a little alligator who got a lot of candy for his mom and dad to eat. Sometimes the little alligator would stick his own little claw into the candy bowl and he would reach for the brightly colored candy; the Smarties, or Starbursts, or little suckers. But then his mommy or daddy, whoever happened to be up with him at the door, would carefully guide that little claw to the Snickers, or Kit Kats, or Reese's. And all was well.