Thursday, March 27, 2014

Crazy Hair

I had to capture Liv's hair today.  In all it's craziness.  

I love these pictures. And her.

And now time to start my two hours of housework for the day.

Because that's a new rule I made for myself. And I'm loving it.  Because during the day, you know from about 7:30 in the morning when we get home from taking Jace to school, and 4:00 in the afternoon, I just IGNORE the house.  I step over toys and dirty clothes and the tuppeware that Liv pulled out of the cabinets AGAIN.  I let the kitchen counters pile up with, um, crap.  I just pretend its not there.  And instead I:

play dogs with Cam
read Livvy books
look at my phone
work on my blogs
fix lunch for the kids
eat their scraps
take pics of Liv
put them down for naps
relish in my free time
play trains with Cam
change Livvy's diaper
play annoy the Cam with Liv
wait for Jace to come home
interrogate him about his day
force him to tell me three things
sneak to my room to play with pics
throw the ball for Liv and make her chase it
go get Liv out of the bathroom
get there just in time to keep her from dropping her ball in the toilet
and finish posting this blog.

And then I start on my two hours of housework.  Which I have to start early because there is relief society thing I'm going to tonight. 

So yup. That's all.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

So Shutterfly sent me a promo code for a free book.  They did the same thing two years ago, too.  Which is pretty sweet.  So this year I made this for Cam, who loves his "If you give a mouse a cookie" book so much.  I have to read it to him like five times a day.

So when we get this book hopefully it will spice things up.

And to see the book I made from them two years ago 

click here

Okay that's all.

Also, thanks Shutterfly.

And also I did just read his book to him from the computer and it made him run to get his If  You Give a Mouse a Cookie book so we could read that.  So yeah.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Adders. They are a type of snake.

Jace had to research an animal and give a report for school.  He chose snakes.  And more specifically, adder snakes.  I didn't even know that was a thing.

But here is him giving us the report at home.

You might only want to watch this whole thing if you're Bowman.  Because it's kinda looooooong.  And maybe a little boring?

But his teacher sent a note home saying that he did an awesome job, that he was so excited to give his report, and that he was the first one in the class to go.

So good job, Jace!

Also we're giving away 20 bucks to Hobby Lobby on Just a Touch Of Crazy.  So if you haven't already entered go over there to see how.  Because it's free.  And you could win.  Or you can choose to get the baby shoes if you win.  Either way it's a score.

Friday, March 21, 2014


Cam tries to take off his shirt.  And he is successful.

Livvy sucks her thumb with her "bay-nee" and wears her brothers' old pajamas.

Livvy and Cam wait for Jace by the door.  After several unsuccessful attempts of getting the top of both their heads in a picture I finally succeed.

If you haven't checked out Just a Touch of Crazy lately then hurry on over.  I write about why I love taking pictures of my kiddos.  Which I really really do.  I am filling up the computer with them too quickly.  And I am falling behind on keeping them in any kind of order or printing them.  So something needs to be done about that.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Sometimes I'm a cool mom and just because she's cute

Sometime I set up cool stuff.  And then to Cam I am "the bestest" for a little while.  Until it's nap time.  Then I'm "mean mean mean".

And also I can never have too many random pictures of her.  Eating, crying, sleeping whatever.  I can never have enough.

Almost Spring?

One day last week the weather teased us and made it almost spring.  Then it laughed in our faces yesterday when it sleeted alllll day long.

But at least when it was almost spring I took advantage of it and let Jace go outside to paint his leprechaun trap for school.

I set him all up, went in to get the camera, and came back to discover this.

He is a pretty awesome kid.

Cam helped a little.  But mostly Jace just yelled at him. Then I yelled at Jace not to yell at him.  So then Cam just decided to paint the stairs and sidewalk instead.  There may have been more yelling after that.

It was warm enough for me even to pull out my baggy old shorts.  And then Jace said, in a somewhat disgusted voice, "Why are you wearing boy shorts, Mom?"

To which I responded, "Why did you get paint all over yourself, Jace?"

We are so loving, I know.

Meanwhile on the inside, this little girl banged on the door and yelled at me till I brought her out.  

And since she's still not walking I had to put the camera away because she refuses to walk or crawl on the ickiness of the outside ground.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Some Randomness

Here are some random pics.  Liv wants to be anywhere you don't want her to be.

Like trying to eat the Legos.
She looks at me like, "Um, it'll be fine, Mom."

Cam is finally feeling all the way better.  He has recovered from his random virus and his steROID rage.

But here are some pics when he was not feeling so good last week and I asked him to "smile pretty".

Jace made a store in his room last week.  He was entertained for hours, so I was thrilled.  I even went in to shop a couple of time (like whenever he started getting tired of it muahaha)

Some of his prices were pretty expensive.

Also I have been having a lot of fun with mine and Emily's (me and Emily's, Emily's and mine?) new blog.  I feel like a techno savvy guru.  Although really all I do is google exactly the question I have.  And there are hundreds of answers from people who've already done it.  So yay for them putting all their how to's out there.

Also today was an AWESOME Saturday.  Brice finally didn't have to work for the first time since Christmas, and he took the boys basically all day.  First grocery shopping (have I mentioned that he does the grocery shopping?  Pretty impressive I think) and then to Granny's where they played outside all day in this finally-feels-like-spring weather.  

Which meant Liv and I hung out at home and I cleaned the whole house, INCLUDING doing all the laundry AND putting it all away.  Which happens like next to never.

And the boys were so tired from playing hard all day that they went to bed at 6:30 and fell asleep instantly.  And then Liv went to bed.  And now- FREEDOM!!

The only thing that would have made this day just a tad better is if Vampire Diaries had been new, because I got all set up to watch it only to discover there was not a new one this week.

So now I'm doing this instead.

And also I made this:

for the boys room, but I think I'm actually gonna use this:

Also those are on the other blog HERE

You can go there and pin them.

Also be prepared for me to always be telling you to do that.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Livvy's favorite spot

If Livvy is missing I can usually find her in her favorite spot.  (or in the bathroom which is probably her real favorite spot but not so much mine)

She loves to stand on her wooden chair and look out her window.

And in the morning when she does it, the light is golden and so pretty.   She looks so sweet and peaceful, I think.

I was so happy with the pictures I got of her this morning.  Like so happy.

Because finally, finally they were pictures that represented EXACTLY what I was really seeing.  Like the peaceful golden color and everything.  Well, not the back and white ones.  But I'm loving black and white right now.

I usually have my camera on manual mode, so sometimes I know what I'm doing and get the pictures I want, sometimes I get lucky and get the pictures I want, and sometimes I screw up.  And this morning Livvy actually stayed at her window long enough for me to fiddle with my camera settings to get exactly the kind of pictures I've been wanting to get of her in her favorite spot.  

So I feel like it was a camera victory for me this morning.

So my Monday is actually starting off pretty good.  Not like the picture here.  :)