Sunday, January 8, 2017

Happy Birthday to you!

Snacks, cupcake, and singing time!  Brice and I are not extravagant people. And we're cheap.  And that's mostly why we hardly ever have parties for the kids, aside from with family.  But I told Brice I would keep the party under forty bucks and that we wouldn't have to buy a gift for her, since the party would be the gift.  And I think I spent like 35.  So yay!  We had goldfish, marshmallows, and animal cookies for snacks.  Little funfetti cupcakes and dollar store jewelry party favors.  Plus my friend Amber had the crowns for something she was gonna do a couple years ago and then never did.  Thanks Amber!

Liv was so funny as we started getting ready to sing to her.  She kept saying, "Only I blow the candles out.  Only me." 

You might think she was being kind of a brat, but really she's just used to her brothers getting right up in her face and then blowing out the candles for her and not giving her a chance to do them.  But not this time!

After cupcakes Liv opened her presents.  She loved all of them!  Also three of her little friends are cousins.  Their moms are all good friends of mine too so we hang out with them a lot.  And we love them and they are so sweet.  Lee, Abby, and Tori (the three sisters) decided to go in on a present for Liv and got her a Hatchimal.  Liv was so surprised and beyond excited.  She loved it!  We we loved watching her reaction.  Again, I really feel so thankful for our good friends.

Today I was actually thinking about how much harder postpartum was for me when Liv was born than when Annalise was born.  It wasn't like it was super hard and i didn't really struggle with it, but I do remember one super huge breakdown that happened on the day of the church Easter egg hunt.  I couldn't stop sobbing for like three hours.

But with Annalise it seemed like I never went through any postpartum stuff, and I think some of it has to do with the group of friends I have now.  I didn't really have many people that I socialized with when Liv was born, and the boys were both home all day and it was winter and it was rough.  But with Annalise we were out playing with friends as soon as I felt good enough to leave the house.  Plus it was summer.  And it was just easier. 

Anyway.  Just some random thoughts about how mom friends really make a huge difference.

And also I love this girl and I loved throwing this little party for her!  Happy birthday, Olivia Rose!!

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Looks like it was fun!