Monday, December 30, 2013

The night before we left for Texas I caught Cameron out of bed playing with the Christmas tree.  When I started making him pose for pictures he high tailed it back to bed pretty quick. 

So that's good to know.

Papa let Livvy taste some of his favorite Dr. Pepper.

And then she entertained us all.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Merry Christmas!

I still haven't jumped on the Christmas card wagon because mostly I'm lame.  But we do wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

I really wanted take pictures with the tree and lights. . . but our living room is too small and the coloring in there makes everything look orange.

But luckily there are ways to change the coloring.     

And then when I was all done trying to take pictures and the boys were ripping their clothes off, I snapped this one of Livvy.  And I love it.  I didn't even have to edit it.  She looks so cute!  Totally made the whole ordeal worth it for me :)

And next year I'll get some of those lights that have white wiring instead of green.  Note to self.  And take one like this of the boys, too.  Too bad they were already stripped to their underwear when I saw how cute it looked with the lights behind Livvy, and no Christmas tree.

Anyway, Merry Christmas to everyone!!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Santa Claus came to do a story time at the library.  He was a pretty groovy Santa.

Livvy liked watching from far away but when it was time to sit on Santa's lap she was not interested.  Or more like she was completely terrified.

Santa was kicking it casual today.  Check out his shoes.

Too bad Jace had to be in school.  Or maybe lucky for that Santa at the library because when we told him we got to see Santa later that night, this was what he said:

"Was it the real Santa?  Or a helper?  Did you ask?  Because I would have asked.  Sometimes it's just a helper, Mom.  Why didn't you ask?"

Monday, December 9, 2013

More snow fun.

 Brice fashioned a sled out of one of Papa's wheelbarrows.  He unscrewed the wheel part and took it off.  It was the perfect sled for being pulled by the fourwheeler.

Cam went with Lucas first because he "is brave".

After Jace saw that it was not going to be a sled of death, he was on board.

Cam's face in the above pic is wonderful.

When Brice pulled all three of them he was a little tooooo enthusiastic and the boys got a little more snow in the face than they liked.

So after that, Cam was done.

Then Bricey had a turn.

 And Jace did a solo ride.

Then Troy and Melanie stopped by.  But I was freezing and had to go inside to warm up.  They mastered the riding of the sled and found that being on their feet and raising themselves a bit kept the snow out of their face.

I only went out again when Melanie was taking a turn because us girls have to stick together. I promise that even though I have a lot of pics of her on this blog, I am not obsessed with her.  Or am I?

And then also Troy had Brice ride backwards on the four wheeler to take a video of Melanie, and they are super cool guys.


Super cool.

(In case you were wondering what super cool looks like, it's these guys) 

See Brice being super cool taking that video.

Melanie looks like a pro.

And okay, okay one more time. . .