Thursday, January 19, 2017

Playing by the window

Oh this weather.  It's killing me.  We haven't seen the sun in a long time.  Like three weeks or something.  And it's suppose to rain till Sunday.  And then probably after that, too.  Oh it's so dreary.
I guess we're keeping busy with school and work and school and stuuuuuuuuuuuffffff.  Just kind of going through the motions of surviving January.  Outside it's wet and muddy and disgusting.

Inside it's small and crowded and crazy.

I guess the only way to stay sane is to drink a lot of Diet Coke, watch a lot of the Office and occasionally get out the camera and force myself to take pictures.  Today the girls and I came home from preschool and Leesie went to sleep and Liv has watched TV for the last two hours.  Winning at motherhood today, for sure.  

Time to go do some good mothering kind of stuff now.  Like maybe the dishes.  And unlock the door for when the boys get home in about five minutes.  And figure out what to make for dinner.  And make sure Olivia didn't fall asleep on the couch.  

Also I took these pictures yesterday.  Leesie had a really early nap, like at 8:30, because she'd been up a lot the night before and was super grumpy.  And I had to take all the kids with me to Activities days later that night, so I figured Liv needed a nap.  I tried to make Leesie take a second nap, but she wasn't having it.  So she got to stay up while big sister slept and we played together in the boys room by the windows where dreary light was. We watched the rain.  And wished for summer. 

Well, I wished for summer, anyway. 

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