Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Last of the birthday pics

She had such a fun birthday!  And I'm finally done sharing birthday pics.  So that's a great accomplishment :)

Also that last gift is a magic carpet.  Which is pretty cool. 

And also in the second picture Brice had just read the card from Auntie Lisa and Lucas and it said, "we love you"  and she turned to Lucas and said in amazement, "YOU LOVE ME?!"  It was cute. 

Today I am totally dragging around.  The girls and I went back to preschool after three weeks off and I am feeling tired.  Maybe from playing with 8 one year olds all morning, or maybe because I didn't get enough sleep last night.  Or maybe because the cloudy gray skies outside are the perfect color for curling up in a little ball and sleeping all afternoon.  And Leesie is napping and Liv is watching a movie and I so am fighting the urge to take a nap.  But I took a little thirty minute snooze yesterday around the same time, when the girls were both napping and then I was totally useless the rest of the afternoon.

Oh I am so tired.   But I must power through.  Perhaps I'll go drink a Diet Coke. 

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