Saturday, July 5, 2014

Time for a break (in black and white)

Sometimes the kiddos need a break from outside.  So they venture inside.  To play the Wii, watch TV, and eat snacks.

Cam knows how to work it, and gets both the babies to share their snacks with him.

And then sometimes everyone is engrossed with the TV.  Which is a nice quiet change.

Then Kimbrie ventures to the slide.

And then naturally, big sister wants a turn.

And she can't wait forever.  So someone gets pushed.

And Miss Livvy Loo sees this as a perfect opportunity to steal Kimbrie's juice.  Nice job.

Meanwhile, down by the Wii, this is happening. . .

and this, too.

I like to think of it as, what's happens in the Wii room, stays in the Wii room.


Handing out popsicles is one way to get these kids to calm down.  Unless they're fighting over which color they want.  But then after that it's all good.

And these cuties deserved a solo picture.  Livvy loves popsicles and walks around the house begging for them as soon as she hears "outside".

Biker Chics

Carrying sticks too big and marching around the yard is a favorite of these two.

Plus also they're biker chics.  Though they haven't really gotten the hang of proper bike riding quite yet. . .

Brownies on the deck

After chasing fireflies it's natural that you need to have some of Granny's delicious brownies on the deck.

I don't think life could get much better for these hellions.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Clickaday (kind of)

I tried to do a photo challenge in June.  One photo every day.  I kind of slacked at the end and although I usually did take a picture, or multiple, every day, I didn't pick one and add it to "challenge" pics.

But here are the ones I did add, in no particular order.