Saturday, April 26, 2014

She thinks she's on a mountain

Over on Just a Touch of Crazy, Emily did a post about her daredevil kids.


Mine are not so much.

Like in these pictures.

She thinks she's on a mountain.

It's okay, baby girl.  You'll climb that mountain next time.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Lead me, guide me

Livvy Loo is a daddy's girl. And this picture is so sweet. Minus the fence in the background.  Blast you fence.

Fancy Easter

Some Sunday Easter picture attempts.

Is it horrible to say that when I was taking these I kind of wished I had a stick or something to throw at Jace?  He would not make a normal face.  Until I threatened to give all of his Easter candy to Cam.  Then he grimaced smiled for like a split second.  Oh that boy.

More Easter pictures to come.  But now time for White Collar.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Church Egg Hunt

Last year we missed the church Easter egg hunt.  But not for lack of trying to get there.  Brice was working, Livvy was a three month old, the boys were CRAZY and I misplaced the car keys.

I had a super break down and probably cried enough to fill a five gallon water jug.

But not THIS year.

This year I was ooooooon top of it.  And we were on time, and we had all of our stuff, and even Daddy got to come.

I didn't take too many pictures though.  The kids get to have another egg hunt tomorrow. 

They're pretty lucky kiddos.

And look!

I do exist!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Wrestling. And more wrestling. And then even more wrestling.

This is pretty much what my spring break has looked like.  Lots of wrestling.  Lots of clouds.
More wrestling.  

Crying.  Yelling.  More wrestling.

  Wrestling, rain, wrestling.  You get the idea.

On the sunny days we did try to go outside.  We went "park hopping" one day.  We left the house around 11:00 and hopped from park to park to park to park to park.  

5 parks to be exact.  By the time we were done at 5:00, I felt like I do when I've been at a theme park all day long.  Dirty, wind blown, sun kissed, and tired.

The kids felt that way too.  And they loved it.  And it was free.  Score one for Mom.

And meanwhile, in the house. . .

Keep looking, Livvy.  But you don't really want to be on there with them.  Trust me.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

So Auntie Lisa and Lucas took the boys to Gatti-town for spring break. 

Livvy finally went to sleep.  She fought it for a looong time.  Like a hard fight.  More than usual.  With real tears and everything.  So maybe she's not feeling so good?

Anyway, I should be doing something productive but then I'll wake her up.  

So I'll sit in here and eat popcorn and look at Pinterest and show you these pictures of Livvy from the other day when she was feeling better.

I used the secret weapon Emily talked about over here, and did a practice run on her hair.  And it looked really cute.  And she didn't even make me wrestle her too much.  She was eating candy, too, but still.  I was pretty impressed.

But then when I tried to take a picture of it she turned the wrestle back on.

And then she also decided to suck on this water bottle.

And roll around.  And try to eat this soccer ball that she knows she is not suppose to have, therefore goes for it constantly.

She of course thinks it's hilarious to eat it when I tell her not to.

Then I took it away and she did her weird sniffing in and out really fast thing.  

I would also like to state that the color of these walls is the color they were when we moved in.  Three years ago.  Or has it been longer?  I don't know, but I really need to paint them.  White, probably.  See those two little paper flowers hanging up?  Jace made me those.  He hung them up there with tape and those are the only decorations I have up in this room.  If you don't count the TV.  Which I do count, by the way.

I need some serious interior decorating help.  And money.  And motivation.  Anyone want to help me with that?


Lastly, I give you my favorite picture of this rolling around on the bed session:

You're a sweetheart, Livvy Loo.