Thursday, December 4, 2008

Finally an update. . .

Baby Jace has been quite the busy busy boy. His bright brown eyes have been traveling from Vernal, to American Fork, to Vernal, to American Fork, to Kentucky, to American Fork, to Vernal, to American Fork and will soon be heading to Vernal again and then Texas. He loves the traveling. Me, not quite as much. Of course maybe if the little munchkin could pack his own stuff things woud be different.

He posed for some professional pictures. He loved it. Can you tell?

He met his great grandparents and aunts in Kentucky and had a wonderful visit.

That's me, his mom, not one of his great grandparents. Sometimes I like to put pictures of myself on here. Is that so wrong?

That's our little family.

He grew out of his bouncy seat, to the sadness of his mother.

He tried his hand at being a nun.

And now he sits in his little booster/high chair and eats (and spits out) solid food.