Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Cloudy park visit

After the boys came home from school I found that they had finished all their homework the day before.  And we didn't have anywhere to be, and I had dinner ready to go, and it wasn't too cold out, and it was really wet out, so off to the park we went.  There's a new playscape at a park near our house, so we went to check it out.  Leesie loved the slide.  She also loved screeching at the boys when they ran too close to her.  Also I love her little piggy tails.  I sometimes like to pretend she has more hair than she does. 

Liv, who was tired, was really mad that she couldn't climb up the slide like the boys.  So rather than listen to her throw a fit, I allowed her to take off her socks and shoes.  In 45 degree weather.  Parent of the year.  But she stopped whining and crying and started playing, so I say it was totally worth it.  They all hate wearing shoes anyway.  

And then this is Jace.  Brice and I were trying to tell him that he didn't have to screech so loud and make SO much noise.  He obviously thought what we were saying was very important and he was really listening with a humble heart.  Can't you tell?  Ha. 

And then before we left I made the boys run around the path thing.  It's probably a little less than half a mile.  They went without stopping the whole way, which is what I challenged them to do.  Mostly I wanted them to freaking tire themselves out so they would stop being so crazy.  It kind of worked.  Because then we went home and they took showers and got to watch TV till dinner.  And then they read and went to bed.  

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