Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Fall!

Jace loves fall and is, in fact, ready for winter. Granny and Poppy came to visit and with them they brought Jace these pretty awesome snow boots. Which he loved. And which I forced him to wear so I could take pictures.

In the above picture you will see Jace and Bowman swinging. Jace loves his cousin and they play really well together usually. Bowman is a little wild man and sometimes Jace just likes to sit back, watch, and then copy his every move. But he's a little more cautious than Bowman. Like when Bowman runs screaming down the hall and jumps over the two stairs we have leading into the living room, Jace will stop when he reaches the stairs, turn around with plenty of distance and slide down on his belly. But he still screams like Bowman so that counts, right?

Granny Tippy is secretly crouched down behind forcing Jace's head into the hole. He is not happy about it.

Here at this little fun pumpkin fall thingy they had some animals to look at. All animals to Jace are "puppies". Here Jace is reaching to pet a goat "puppy". Awww, what a nice little goat puppy, he is thinking.

The goat then decided to ram his head forward into the cage right at Jace's innocent little outstretched fingers.

What is Jace thinking now?